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Cutie Keychain Wristlet


Cutie Keychain Wristlet
Platinum Walnut Ivory LE Silver LE Copper Metallic LE Triangle Light Blue LE Palm Leaf Grey LE Pink Woven LE Red Polka Dot LE Fishtail Platinum LE Fishtail Pine LE Light Phlox LE Surprise
(Max qty of 30 for LE items)
Price: $16.00
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All Wristlets are approximately 7" (key ring to end) 

For spots and spills, wipe off excess liquid immediately and let air-dry. If necessary, 
spot clean using warm water and mild soap. Avoid getting the metal ring wet to prevent rusting. Do not soak keychain in water or use in the washing machine and/or dryer; doing so may compromise the overall quality of the keychain. 
Due to the natural quality of the leather, stretching and/or shedding may occur. Bleeding may occur when it comes in contact with water. Variations of leather hide are possible. Apply coconut or natural oils to soften leather if needed. 

Cutie Keychains are made in Missouri, USA by Flourish Leather Co.

*Direction of print/pattern may vary. 

**Surprise Cutie Products may have small blemishes. Ryan & Rose prides itself on quality but, from time-to-time, an imperfect product may be found. These imperfections do not affect the integrity of the product but aren't perfect enough (visually) for Ryan & Rose standards. If ordering 4 or more surprise items, you may receive duplicate colors. No special requests will be honored. If a duplicate is received, we will not offer any returns and/or exchanges. All sales are FINAL.


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