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About Natursutten

Natursutten pacifiers are the #1 Selling rubber pacifier in the United States

The soft material of the NATURSUTTEN pacifier has several advantages: 
• Follows baby’s natural mouth movements 
• Does not leave marks on baby’s face• Softer than silicone 
• Have shown incredible strength in the “Stretch-test” 
• 100% natural rubber from Hevea Brasiliensis trees• Environmentally friendly and biodegradable 
• Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners, or artificial coloring 
• Unique one-piece design, no cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate 
• Made in Italy by a family owned business 
• Allergen-free 
• Larger shield touches the nose, comforting baby and more closely simulating breastfeeding 
• Conforms to pacifier-safety requirements as determined by European standard EN 1400 and CPSIA



Orthodontic Nipple

The orthodontic nipple is the most popular style nipple in the US.  It is slanted to encourage tongue movement against it (as opposed to under it), and the tongue’s pressure is directed towards the tip. 

Rounded Nipple

The rounded nipple tends to work better for breast-fed babies because the tongue is positioned under the nipple as it is during breast-feeding, helping prevent nipple confusion. 


Original Shield

The original shield has a large round shield that gently touches baby’s nose in order to simulate breastfeeding in a natural way and comfort baby in the same way he or she knows so well.

Butterfly Shield

The butterfly shield has a cut out on the top of the pacifier which gives the shield a butterfly shape and makes more room for baby’s nose. 



0-6 Months


6-12 Months


12 Months Up


Natursutten's Story



Natursutten Style and Size Options


Natursutten Tips


Natursutten In Action



Should Natursutten pacifiers be sterilized before use?

Yes, Natursutten products should be sterilized before they are used. To sterilize, place in boiling water for 5 minutes and then allow them to cool. If you use a sterilizer, sterilize for ten minutes. If sterilizing causes the pacifier to turn milky white on the edges, don't worry, the color will return upon cooling.


How should I care for my Natursutten products?

Clean after each use with warm water and mild liquid soap or you can sterilize it by pouring boiling water over it. Never wash in the dishwasher.


Are my Natursutten products supposed to smell like rubber?

Before sterilizing, Natursutten has a distinct “rubber” smell, due to a film of oil from the rubber tree that preserves the pacifier while packaged. While it will mostly disappear with sterilizing, and is perfectly natural, your pacifier may continue to have a distinctive natural rubber scent. Studies show that this actually allows your baby to distinguish the smell of his/her pacifier and be comforted by it.


How often should Naturustten products be replaced?

It is recommended that Natursutten products be replaced every 6 – 8 weeks. There is no harm in using it longer, but the pacifier will get darker and somewhat sticky if you use it for too long. Like your toothbrush, it all depends on frequency of usage, not time. We would recommend that you replace your Natursutten if the nipple sticks together when pressed or if the pacifier starts to feel sticky overall.


Why have my Natursutten products turned dark brown?

Natursutten products will turn darker brown over time, due to the fact that no chemicals are added to prevent oxidation, as with other pacifiers. This is perfectly natural and to be expected.

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