Cutie Quest Information

Cutie Quest Information
What is a Cutie Quest?
A Cutie Quest is a fun way for us to give back to our customers. Tonight, an emoji of a pumpkin will be hidden around the website, like shown below! Once you click on it, it will pop up with a discount code for either a percentage off or Cutie Cash!
Do the discount codes have a limit to how many can be used?
Yes. Each code has a set number of uses. Remember, you and someone else may be checking out at the same time with the same code. Be quick! If you receive the error “discount code is no longer valid, has expired, or has been used” that means the code has been used up. Your order is not confirmed with the discount until you have received an order confirmation number.
What kind of discounts will be available? Codes will vary in percentages and Cutie Cash. Cutie Cash (for example $25 off) must be used all at once. You will not be given the balance, if not used in full, on your order. Can I use other codes with the Cutie Quest discount codes? No, discount codes cannot be stacked! Is there anything I can do to prep for the Cutie Quest?
We recommend having Cuties in your wishlist (you need to sign into your account) or in your cart! We will be locking the website at 6:45pm CST, so please prep beforehand!
Have Fun!