Spend $25 and receive a Free Acorn Brown Cutie Clip with Purchase. Ends Sunday July 23rd
Spend $25 and receive a Free Acorn Brown Cutie Clip with Purchase. Ends Sunday July 23rd
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All About Cutie Clips

What are Cutie Clips?

Cutie Clips are pacifier clips that have been redefined, redesigned and improved upon. They have been shortened to make them safer for babies in their cribs and on the go. They are handmade out of beautiful trims, laces and fabrics that are stylish, safe, and are of the highest quality. Not only are our Cutie Clips universal and multi-functional, they are fashionable, handmade in the U.S.A. and help keep a baby’s or toddlers’ belongings safe and sanitary. We like to say, “Don’t want to lose it, Cutie Clip it!”


What makes Cutie Clips so special?

All Ryan & Rose products are handmade by 10 amazing women in Tennessee and Missouri. We stand behind the quality of each clip and want you to know that each clip is made with love and great care. The shortened clip length makes them safer for little ones and the beautiful trims, colors, high quality materials, and hand braiding sets them apart from the rest. Not only are our clips the perfect length, they can also be engraved with your little ones name or initials for that special touch. Who does not love a monogram right?! Cutie Clips also come with our Ryan And Rose logo on the front and our website printed on the inside. We want you to be just as proud of your Cutie Clip as we are.


Why are they called Cutie Clips?

I changed the name to Cutie Clips because I realized that they could be used to attach to more than just pacifiers. Cutie Clips attach to all pacifiers as well as teethers, toys, sippy cups, snack containers, blankets, etc… basically anything that has a hole in which you can loop through. Parents on the go can attach their child’s favorite things to their clothing, bibs, car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings, etc. Cutie Clips help keep your little ones favorite things close by and help prevent them from falling on the floor or getting lost.


Why are shorter Cutie Clips more beneficial than other longer clips on the market?

Cutie Clips are made shorter for both safety and sanitary reason. Not only do shorter clips eliminate the risk of strangulation, they also help a crawling baby keep their pacifier off the floor. Once Mommies use our shorter Cutie Clips, they often wonder why they ever used longer clips.


How long are Cutie Clips?

We strongly believe in the safety of our short Cutie Clips, all of our clips are between 6-7 inches in length. Please note that some clips may stretch over time.


How do I attach Cutie Clips to my child’s favorite things?

Simply thread the loop through the hole of the item of your choosing and secure with a slipknot.


Can Cutie Clips be attached to all types of pacifiers?

Yes, Cutie Clips are universal and attach to all types of pacifiers. However some of our Finn Cutie Clips are thicker and can sometimes be more difficult to attach to pacifiers with a smaller hole such as the soothie. To attach a Finn Cutie Clip to a soothie pacifier, just uncoil and flatten the loop of the clip and take the flattened part of the fabric and fit it through the hole and pull through.


What can I attach a Cutie Clip to?

As mentioned before, Cutie Clips can be attached to all pacifiers, as well as babies' teethers, toys, sippy cups, snack containers, blankets, etc… and/or any other baby items that have a hole in which you can loop through. Cutie Clips can also be used to attach items to a baby's or toddler's clothing, bibs, car seat, stroller, high chair, swing, etc.




How should I care for my Cutie Clips?

Cutie Clips are made out of many different types of material; therefore detailed care instructions are posted under each individual listing. Here is a quick guide for our most popular Cutie Clips


Cutie Clip

Care Instructions

Spot clean with a cloth and warm water. Do not place clip in washing machine or soak in water. Doing so may compromise the overall quality of the clip and cause it to rust. Excessive moisture may also cause this material to bleed.
Dip material in warm water. Use mild soap to hand wash and then let air-dry. When washing, be sure to not let the metal clip get wet. If it does, just wipe dry immediately with a cloth in order to prevent the metal from rusting.
For spots and spills, wipe off excess liquid immediately and let air-dry. If necessary, use warm water and mild mild-detergent soap, work into a thin lather with a soft cloth, rinse with clean water and buff to restore luster.


Can I polish the metal clips?

Yes, Cutie Clips are made with metal clips that may tarnish over time with use. A few moms have reported that they have been able to polish their clips by polishing them with a magic eraser, or even cleaning them with baking soda.


Are your materials safe?

Absolutely, all of our leather, faux suede, and faux leather clips are made out of lead free materials. Our metal clips also have a round LEAD FREE metal clip that has a plastic insert to protect the fabric to which you attach it.


Is the glue that you use safe for my child?

Yes, Ryan & Rose truly cares about the safety of all children and all of our clips are made with non-toxic glue.


What should I do when my child's Rosie, Juliet, or Poppy Cutie Clip starts to fray?

Due to their delicate nature, some of our Cutie Clips may eventually fray with use. We would recommend cutting the frayed pieces with sharp scissors and then slightly singing with a lighter.


Are there warranties on Cutie Clips?

No. Due to wear and tear, Cutie Clips do not come with warranties. Also just like any baby product that is used on a daily basis, Cutie Clips should be rotated or exchanged every few months for sanitation reasons.


What are the differences between all your braided Cutie Clips?

Our hand braided Cutie Clip collection was started with Mamas in mind. We know that everyone’s style and material preferences is different so this is why we provide so many options. All of our materials are lead free and safe for your little ones to use.


Cutie Clip

Material Used

Hart Faux Suede
Whit Faux Leather
Luc Chunky Faux Suede
Finn/Willow/River Cotton Blend Fabric
Denver Recycled cotton + viscose blend
Liv/Mia Cotton Fabric
Blake Lycra Fabric
Foster Real American Leather
Lotus Real American Leather
Ryan Real American Leather
Jen Real American Leather


How can I share pictures of my little one using Cutie Clips?

You can share your favorite way to use a #CutieClip on Instagram and tag us @RyanAndRose or you can email us your pictures at info@RyanAndRose.co


Do you collaborate with other shops and bloggers?

Of course!! We would love to work with you. Please contact us at Info@RyanAndRose.co or you can contact us through the website, just click on contact us at the bottom right of the screen.



CAUTION: This is not a toy. Inspect clip before every use and discard if damaged. Do not tie around a child's neck and never allow a child to use while sleeping.

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