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$ 12.00

Neutral Surprise Boy Surprise Girl Surprise


It is always fun to get a surprise. This listing is for one SURPRISE Blemished Cutie Clip. 

Ryan and Rose prides itself on quality but, from time-to-time, an imperfect product may be found.  These Cutie Clips have minor flaws and/or blemishes.  These imperfections do not affect the integrity of the clip but aren't perfect enough (visually) for Ryan & Rose standards.

All Ryan & Rose Cutie Clips are CPSC compliant and have passed all US safety testing. 

 This is a SURPRISE listing. No special requests will be honored. If a duplicate is received, we will not offer any returns and/or exchanges. 



This is not a toy. Inspect clip before EVERY use and discard if damaged. Do not tie around a child's neck and never allow a child to use while sleeping. Does contain small parts.

Due to wear and tear, Cutie Clips do not come with a warranty. Like any baby product that is used on a daily basis, Cutie Clips should be alternated every 2 months for sanitary reasons.

Care instructions

Spot clean with mild soap and water. Do not place clip in washing machine or soak in water. Doing so may compromise the overall quality of the clip and cause it to rust.

Please note, like any metal, clip may tarnish over time.

For Cutie Clips topped with a natural wood bead, if you'd like, an all-natural bees wax may be applied sparingly to seal the wood.

Due to the un-treated natural state of the wood beads, grain and dark spots will be visible throughout.

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