The Cutie PAT Bulb Story - From Vision to Design to Production

The Cutie PAT Bulb is finally here and it is amazing! 

Keeping with the Ryan & Rose commitment to serve each baby and their unique preferences, Lindsey brings a fourth nipple style to the same Cutie PAT design. All babies are different and this fourth style of the Cutie PAT provides even more options for babies and families. 

Lindsey started the process of creating the Cutie PAT Bulb in September 2019, although she admits it seems like it’s been in the works for a lot longer. That’s how highly anticipated it’s been.

The process of working with the manufacturer to create this particular nipple style was a challenging process. But through lots of prayer, multiple molds for the bulb pacifier, and constant innovation, progress was made and Lindsey’s vision of a bulb nipple was beginning to come into focus. 

What Inspired the Cutie PAT Bulb?

Lindsey always says “all babies are different. All families are different.” That’s the basis of innovating and adding new products to the Ryan & Rose line. 

Not all babies like one particular pacifier style. Some prefer the round nipple and some prefer the flat nipple. And then some prefer a bulb nipple. 

So the inspiration comes from a necessity to meet all babies, and families, where they are. To provide options and solutions.  

Lindsey and the entire Cutie Crew is committed to delivering variety, safety, and functionality in all of the products offered. 

Why Was the Cutie PAT Bulb Challenging to Make?

Well, if you haven’t yet noticed, all of the Cutie PATs are a one piece silicone design. It’s the signature Ryan & Rose design and makes the product even safer for children. 

Other bulb pacifiers are multiple pieces attached together. At the beginning of production, Judy (our manufacturer) provided four options for the Cutie PAT Bulb. We chose the safest option, but also the most challenging—to create the Bulb out of one piece of silicone.  

The main challenge being the silicone mold and getting the bulb nipple from the hole on the shield. (If you’re not of the visual, Lindsey talks through it in her recent YouTube video about the Bulb)

Another challenge is eliminating lines in the silicone. You can see in early samples the prevalence of lines in the silicone. It just wasn’t there yet and Lindsey didn’t want the Bulb to be any different than the Round and Flat pacifiers. 

So the challenge was to get the mold to create one smooth piece of silicone—which was the original design—no additional pieces and no lines.

And after several months, the new mold worked and Bulb was nearing completion. 

Although, with any pacifier there’s multiple factors to consider–one of them being the hardness/softness of the nipple. The first sample in November 2019 was really soft and thin. The second sample came in February 2020 and it was too hard. 

Lindsey jokes that it’s like the three bears—too hard, too soft, and then one that was just right.

And that’s what happened. Lindsey fine tuned the thickness of the bulb to be the right amount of hardness without being too hard or too soft. A new mold was created in March 2020 to produce just the right Bulb, with the right thickness and softness of the nipple. 

The Bulb was then ordered in May 2020 and launched in July 2020!

One Pacifier in Four Styles

We believe all babies are different. Differences don't create challenges... instead they create opportunities. Ryan & Rose is proud to be the first company to offer the same pacifier in 4 nipple styles, with the same shield and teether design. And there are more to come! 

The Bulb is Coming in More Colors Soon

The Cutie PAT Bulb is currently being released in LE colors but it will be available in core colors very soon. You can expect to see the Bulb in all upcoming LE launches, which is truly excited to have another Cutie PAT style to offer to our babies. 

The Cutie PAT Bulb is available now - shop here - grab it in Green and Ballet, with Nautical coming very soon.

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