Meet the Team

Lindsey Ferrell

lindsey ferrell

Lakeland, TN
Founder | Chief Creative Officer
June 2013

Lindsey is the founder of our company. She is married to Bret, our CEO, and is a proud mother of two beautiful girls, Ryan Rose and Charley Ruth. In 2013, Lindsey started Ryan & Rose from her dining room table, driven by the needs of her daughter Ryan Rose. Embracing a unique approach from the beginning, she made a commitment to the Lord to never borrow money, give 10% of her earnings, and to pray about everything. For four years, she did not pay herself, and for seven years, she managed a team of 10 full-time employees from her home, trusting in the Lord every step of the way. With a talent for innovation, she is affectionately known as our Chief Problem Solver. If there was a problem, yo, Lindsey’d solve it!! Lindsey is known for her positivity, generous spirit and love for Jesus.

Bret Ferrell

bret ferrell

Lakeland, TN
June 2013

20 year HVAC Contractor turned Pacifier CEO. Bret is Lindsey’s husband and runs the day to day operations at Ryan & Rose. Bret & Lindsey have two daughters Ryan Rose and Charley Ruth. When not at work you can find him filming his passion for his ATV YouTube channel “The Banshee Channel.”

Whitney Hart

whitney hart

Lakeland, TN
Vice President
June 2013

Whitney is Lindsey’s younger sister and has been with Ryan & Rose from the very beginning. She currently manages inventory, Target account and assists with shipping packages.

Danielle and family

danielle geneson

Ozark, MO
Clip Maker
October 2015

Danielle is the owner of Flourish Leather Company. FLC handcrafts our Lotus, Ryan and Sequoia Cutie Clips as well as our Cutie Keychains.

Sarah Bomar

sarah bomar

Lakeland, TN
Product Design | Research & Development
November 2015

Sarah helps the team research and design new products and packaging. She also designs clips and charms as well as select color schemes.

Leigh Stutters

leigh stutters

Kelowna, British Columbia
Clip Maker
April 2017

Leigh is the owner of The Makery. She handcrafts our Mila and Leigh Cutie Clips.

Claudia Hanson

claudia hanson

Georgetown, KY
Clip Maker
August 2017

Claudia is the owner of Knotonomy. She handcrafts our Max, Claudia and Lindsey Cutie Clips.

JL Joco and family

jl joco

Fullerton, CA
Clip Maker
January 2018

JL is the owner of Pey and Libby. She handcrafts our Pey and Libby Cutie Clips.

Jennifer and family

jennifer bothel

Chesapeake, VA
Director of Customer Relations
April 2018

Jennifer is married to Shane, a MH-53E helicopter pilot in the Navy and has four incredible children; Olivia, Landon, McKinley and Cole. She handles all communication between customers, 3rd party vendors and certified wholesale accounts, on top of many other tasks!

april maw

Ogden, UT
Clip Maker
June 2018

April is the owner and maker of Sweet Ruby Co. She’s been married for 15 years and is a mama to 4. Her shop is named after my grandma and also happens to be April’s only daughter’s name. She’s been making and selling binky blankets and binky clips for over 10 years. April handcrafts our Whit Cutie Clips.

Danielle and family

danielle popoff

Chesapeake, VA
Director of Marketing
July 2018

Danielle is a wife, mother of two and military veteran. She is responsible for website related tasks and advertising accounts.

Ashley and family

ashley greene

Bargersville, IN
Graphic Designer
July 2018

Ashley is a wife and mother to Avery, Emery, Bennett and Silas. She creates graphics and assists with marketing.

Caroline Grandchamp

caroline grandchamp

Lakeland, TN
Shipping Specialist
August 2018

Originally from Quebec, Caroline is a former esthetician. She is married with two children. Caroline helps fulfill Target PO’s.

Kyle and family

kyle herrman

Jacksonville, FL
Clip Maker
August 2018

Kyle is a full time mom of four amazing kids and former Navy Rescue Swimmer. She’s a military veteran and her husband is an active duty Naval Aircrewman on P8's. Kyle manages a team of makers who handcraft the Kai and Theo Cutie Clips.

Brittany and family

brittany canaday

Bartlett, TN
Clip Maker
August 2018

Brittany is a wife and mama to their beautiful daughter. She currently handcrafts our Kai Cutie Clips and is a tremendous help in office when needed.

Walsh Family

keegan + christa walsh

Chicago, IL
Graphic Designer | Amazon Manager
September 2018 | July 2019

Keegan and Christa are married and have three amazing children. Keegan helps with all things graphics related, from packaging to website related content while Christa works on our Amazon account, including inventory management, listings and customer relations.

Candice and family

candice pair

Arlington, TN
Director of Product Development
October 2018

Candice assists with product design and works directly with manufacturers for development. She also works on various other tasks such as verbiage for new products and website listings, ensuring content creators receive all new products, and any other office tasks that may be needed. 

Sarah and family

sarah sammis

Mora, MN
Lead Designer
January 2019

Sarah is a wife and mother of two. She creates graphics and assists with website design.

Kristi and family

kristi jarvis

Acadia Valley, AB, Canada
Facebook Admin
February 2019

Kristi is married to Phil and mother to four beautiful children. She is a Shift Lead for the Ryan & Rose Cutie Community on Facebook.

Lindzie Hill

lindzie hill

March 2019

Lindzie is a wife, mother of 3 and photographer.

Bridgette and family

bridgette treadwell

Germantown, TN
Clip Maker
April 2019

Bridgette is a wife, mother of three and mother/baby nurse. She handcrafts our Cutie Clips made locally in TN.

Marissa and family

marissa mcclane

Wentzville, MO
Facebook Admin
May 2019

Marissa is a wife to Brian and a mom to three boys—Rowan and identical twins, Lennon and Waylon. She enjoys reading and online shopping!

Ashley and family

ashley griffin

Memphis, TN
Distribution Manager
June 2019

Ashley is Lindsey’s older sister and mother to Kincaide and Denver. She oversees the fulfillment of Target, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Burlington and Ross.

Kalynn and family

kalynn albertson

West Lafayette, OH
Director of Photography
June 2019

Kalynn is the wife of Dakota and a caffeine dependent mama to Fynlee, twins Adley and Baylor and Remie. She creates content and handles all things photography.

Kyle and family

kyle mcclain

Milwaukee, WI
August 2019

Kyle is a wife, mother of three and a photographer.

Michele Ball

michele ball

Arlington, TN
HQ Operations Manager
October 2019

Michele is married to Bill and they have three boys. She enjoys CrossFit and spending time with her family and friends. She oversees the shipping team and the processing of orders for fulfillment.

Lorena and family

lorena ventura

Memphis, TN
HQ Assistant
March 2020

Lorena assists in the fulfillment of Target, TJMaxx, Amazon and other wholesale orders. She also helps with additional warehouse related tasks.

Irene and family

irene salgado

Santa Clarita, CA
April 2020

Wife to Ivan and momma to Madison and Violet. Irene first discovered Ryan & Rose with her first born Madison over 7 years ago. She functions daily with a cup of Mountain Dew.

Courtney and family

courtney baker

Germantown, TN
Shipping Specialist
August 2020

Courtney is married to TK and they have three boys and a girl. She enjoys working out, cooking, Jeopardy, the beach and football. Courtney assists with shipping orders.

Ali and family

ali rice

Russellville, AR
Facebook Moderator 
November 2020

Ali is a wife to Ryan and a mama to four beautiful children—Rowan, Jude, Mia and Atlas. She loves Jesus, reading and all the coffee! 

Taylor and family

taylor barr

Freeport, IL 
Instagram Moderator
November 2020

Taylor is a wife and mother of five beautiful children. She assists with answering questions on Instagram.

Laney and family

laney morello

Richmond, VA
Content Creator
May 2021

Laney is a mom to four and wife to Justin. She and her family love traveling and exploring new places and coming home to work on their fixer upper. She creates content to share on social media.

Kayla Van Winkle

kayla van winkle

San Angelo, TX
Director of Videography
August 2022

Kayla is wife to Clinton and mama to Easton, Aubrey and Barrett, running on Jesus and coffee. The army currently has her family in San Angelo, TX. She creates content and handles all things videography.