est. 2013

Ryan & Rose is a God-loving, family-owned business nestled in Bartlett, TN. What began as a simple need blossomed into a remarkable blessing from the Lord.


We are Bret and Lindsey Ferrell, the proud owners of Ryan & Rose and the creative minds behind all things CUTIE! 

The path that led us to where we stand today is beyond what we could have ever envisioned, but we firmly believe that God's plans are always better than our own. 

We never anticipated becoming the owners of a prominent retail brand, but this is where the Lord has brought us. Bret spent 20 years as an HVAC contractor, while I dedicated 11 years to teaching the Deaf and working as an interpreter.

Our beautiful daughters, Ryan and Charley, have been the driving force behind our business, inspiring many of our innovative products. Throughout our journey, we have come to understand that by placing our faith in God and trusting in His guidance, all things are possible.

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Ryan & Rose makes families’ lives easier at every stage of life, from newborn through adulthood. Balancing beauty with functionality, we offer high-end products that solve problems and simplify your life. Our exceptional standards push the entire industry forward in safety, innovation and style. We are a faith and family oriented company, spreading love and positivity and uniting our team and our customers in community.


    Our customers, social media followers, and team members are part of something greater than themselves. Together, we are all members of the authentic Ryan & Rose community, inviting in one and all with open arms. We share our faith and love of Jesus far and wide. We invite all to be a part of our community, sharing acceptance and love with everyone we interact with.


    We solve problems our customers didn’t even realize they had. By designing products onlyto solve specific issues, rather than simply to produce and sell a new item, we streamline our customers’ lives. Our core values are reflected in our clean, simple aesthetic and designs.


    We focus on designing and producing high-end, quality products that set industry standards. In every way, from production to packaging, we go above and beyond for our customers. By always aiming to be better and never resting on our laurels, we push the entire baby and family industry to do better—setting the standards that other companies must reach.


    Personal style is important to our customers — and we are proud to offer beautiful, visually appealing products that they can be proud to use and own. We know that products made for babies and children do not have to be unfashionable — every Ryan & Rose item is as utterly beautiful as it is functional.


    Our goal is to awe our community at every turn. From our beautiful products that set industry standards for both style and safety, to our thoughtful packaging. We absolutely love to have fun with the R&R community and we will go above and beyond to bring joy to the world. From our social media giveaways, to the way we treat our employees with extra care—we want our community to walk away from every interaction with Ryan & Rose feeling absolutely delighted.

core values

Pray About Everything

Give Back

Have Safe + Quality Products

Have Exceptional Customer Service

Be Positive

Always Give 110%

Be Innovative

Communicate Clearly

Be Flexible

Work as a Team

Have Integrity

Always Improving

Own + Learn from Mistakes

Be Respectful

Take Constructive Criticism

Be Accountable

Enlighten One Another

Pray Some More