10 Jesus Songs to Sing With Your Children

In my journey as a parent, I have discovered a beautiful way to connect with my girls and instill valuable lessons about Jesus - through singing. It all started when Charley, my six year old, randomly asked me to sing her a Jesus song one night. Since then, singing songs about Jesus has become a cherished part of our nightly routine after reading. I am amazed at how these simple songs have not only brought me back to my own childhood but also serve as a powerful tool to teach Charley about Jesus. The joy and nostalgia that these songs bring are truly magical. To make it even more convenient, I highly recommend saving this blog link to these songs on your phone homepage. This way, you can easily pull them up every night and create beautiful memories with your little ones. Join me in embracing the power of music and using these 10 Jesus songs to strengthen the bond with our children and nurture their faith.


10 Jesus Songs to Sing With Your Children:

1. Jesus Loves The Little Children
2. My God Is So Great

    Jesus Songs

    3. Jesus Loves Me
    4. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

      Jesus Songs 2

      5. Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes
      6. This Little Light Of Mine

        Jesus Songs 3

        7. I've Got The Joy
        8. The B-I-B-L-E

          Jesus Songs 4

          9. Father Abraham Had Many Sons
          10. I May Never March In Infantry

            Jesus Songs 5

            These are songs you can sing when getting ready in the morning, in the car on the way to school or sports, or even before bedtime!

            Download a printable with all 10 songs here!

            Comment letting us know what songs we should add to our lists! 

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