3 Reasons Every Parent Should Have Pacifier Clips

3 Reasons Every Parent Should Have Pacifier Clips

Being a parent is an exciting and beautiful part of life. But sometimes, things can get stressful with your little cutie; specifically when you can’t find their beloved paci. This is why every parent needs a pacifier clip! Read on to learn more about these ingenious inventions.

Less Likely To Lose the Binky

Losing your baby’s binky can be your worst nightmare, especially if your child treasures this must-have item. It’s easy to misplace it in the diaper bag or forget about it as you rush out of the house for an adventure. This can lead to much crying since your baby doesn’t have their precious soother to suck on. Once babies grow into toddlers, they may misplace their pacifiers and forget where they put them as they wander throughout the house.

With a pacifier clip, you can keep the binky attached to your cutie’s clothing, carrier, car seat, or stroller Keep a spare clipped to their car seat or the handle of the diaper bag so you always know where it is.

Baby Always Has Access to Their Pacifier

Without a binky clip, you’ll find yourself constantly putting the pacifier back into your little cutie’s mouth or hunting it down. Of course, when you can clip the binky to their clothing, your baby can grab their binky anytime they need it. And as a bonus, this helps your baby learn to self-soothe in a very controlled way. When they need a bit of comfort, they can easily access their pacifier and pop it into their mouth.

Parenting Tip

Although the pacifier clip keeps the binky within your baby’s grasp, they should never sleep with it attached. Like any infant essential, you need to keep an eye on your baby when they have this item.

Some Clips Are Multi-Functional

The final reason every parent should have a pacifier clip is that it serves various functions. Some clips double as pacifier clips and teethers. This is perfect for your little one because it keeps their precious binky within grasp while also supplying them with a teether. Your little one may need something to chew on to soothe their gums . This is where a pacifier clip swoops in to save the day!

Shop for Great Paci Clips

Ryan & Rose has all sorts of paci clips for sale that are perfect for your baby! We’ve got cotton, silicone, wood, and leather cords to ensure every parent visiting our shops finds the perfect clip for their baby. Materials like silicone and wood make for safe teethers and look adorable with every outfit. Don’t lose it, Cutie Clip it!

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