4 Reasons Your Baby Won’t Take the Pacifier

4 Reasons Your Baby Won’t Take the Pacifier

Sometimes, a baby goes from loving their pacifier to refusing to take it. This can occur due to a dislike for pacifiers or nipple shape. Below, we’ll explain why your baby might not take the pacifier. 

They Don’t Like Pacis

While a pacifier is a must-have for most babies, some simply don’t like them. However, it usually isn’t the paci itself that they don’t like. Rather, a newborn may avoid using pacis because they actually need some cuddle time or feel hungry. During infancy, we rely on our parents to understand why we cry. When you give them a binky at the wrong time, it doesn’t “pacify” their need.

Parenting Tip

Most pediatricians recommend using silicon binkies over rubber because latex allergies are common. Plus, silicone is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

It’s the Wrong Shape

Another reason why your baby might not take a pacifier may be that they don’t like the nipple shape of their pacifier. Nipple shapes include bulb, slant, flat, and round.

At Ryan & Rose, you can also buy a Cutie Pat Smile pacifier. Board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Tray Fellers shaped this binky nipple to be more orthodontic. 

If you give your baby a bulb paci and they refuse it, try slant or round. Each nipple shape feels slightly different in their mouth, and some trial and error will help you decide what’s best. Ryan & Rose currently sells a Cutie PAT Kit which includes each different nipple style. This makes finding the Cutie PAT your little one might love super simple!

Never Force the Pacifier

If at first you don’t succeed, wait before trying again. When your baby refuses a pacifier, never force it into their mouth, Sometimes, it just takes time for your little cutie to adjust to life outside the womb before they find their love for the almighty pacifier. 

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