5 Essential Baby Accessories Every New Mom Needs

5 Essential Baby Accessories Every New Mom Needs

As moms-to-be prepare for the arrival of their first baby, many create registries. This is great and allows you to ask for the many things you’ll need once your infant arrives. But what exactly do you need? Check out this post to uncover the five essential baby accessories every new mom needs!


Often a pacifier is one of the best distractions for your baby. Not only does it distract them, but it also creates a source of comfort. Most parents recommend having several pacifiers in case one breaks or you lose it. This also allows you to keep one pacifier packed in the diaper bag, one near the changing table, and one in the crib, so you always have it when you need it.

Pacifier Clips

It’s easy to misplace your baby’s pacifier because your mind is in several places when you're a parent. As a new mom, you’re juggling a lack of sleep while trying to understand your baby and decipher what their cries mean. With a pacifier clip, you can keep the pacifier attached to your cutie’s clothing, so they have access to their pacifier anytime they want it. Best yet, some clips double as teethers, keeping two essentials at your baby’s fingertips.


Every baby needs a teether, especially when their teeth begin growing in! While this milestone is exciting, it can feel painful for your child since their gums are so tender. Teethers give infants something to bite down on for relief.

While these items can come in fun shapes, remember that teethers and toys are not the same. Companies create teethers knowing babies will put them into their mouths. You should continuously monitor your little cutie when they use a teether. On the other hand, toys are not for biting, and if your baby tries chewing on one of their toys, swap it out for a teether.

Bibs and Burping Cloths

Let’s face it; babies are messy eaters! When it comes to newborns, you’ll want to place a burp cloth over your shoulder when burping your baby. This prevents any spit-up from getting on you or your baby. As a child grows and begins eating solid foods, they’ll need a bib to keep themselves clean and save you from having to do loads of laundry.

Baby Utensils

As a new mom, you won’t need to worry about feeding your precious bundle soft foods, but it’s best to remain prepared. It’s shocking how fast babies grow. In the blink of an eye, they go from being dependent newborns to little toddlers determined to feed themselves. Silicone utensils are best because babies can safely bite down on them, and they teethe on a lot at this age. 

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