6 Tips for Taking a Road Trip with a Baby or Toddler

Summer is here, and road trips are on the agenda for lots of families! Keeping your little ones entertained during road trips is crucial. Through the years, we’ve learned what works best for keeping little ones occupied while in the car! 

  1. Easy snacks. Whether you have a baby, toddler, or both, they’re bound to get hungry while on a trip. Easy to eat (and open) snacks will make the parent’s life easier while in the car. Puffs, veggie straws, fruit pouches, and granola bars are relatively healthy snacks that tend to remain mess-free. For older kids, you might want them to have a variety of snacks. Loading a tackle box with some of their favorites makes it easy to give them a variety of treats to choose from! 
  2. Window stickers. Sticky window themes can entertain little hands while in the car! It allows them to peel, stick, and play on the window right next to their seat. Window stickers can be found at retail stores (like Target or the Dollar Tree) or on Amazon! 
  3. Educational entertainment. Tablets, like iPads and Kindles, can be great tools to keep your kids occupied in the car. However, you might want to limit the amount of screen time they’re spending on those devices. Downloading educational games, and shows, ensures that they're absorbing material that benefits them! 

  1. Toys. Loading the car with items like toys, books, and snacks will make your life easier in the car. But finding a way to organize everything might be a struggle! You can use Cutie Pouches to keep toys organized, making it easier for you or your toddler to access their favorite toys. They also make over-the-seat organizers which can help tidy things a bit! 
  2. Crafts. Mess-free crafts like Color Wonder, Imagine Ink, and Color Wow! are perfect for road trips! These mess-free coloring book options come in a variety of different colors and themes. Reusable sticker books (my favorites are by Melissa and Doug) can be used over and over again! 
  3. Car games. Car games can get the whole family involved and entertained while on the road! Looking for license plates from all 50 states and/or playing eye-spy can be entertaining for family members of all ages! 

Whether the trip be 2 or 20 hours long, you’ll want to make your (and their) life easier in the car! Teethers and Pop-it fidget toys, like those from Ryan & Rose, can alleviate stress while on the road. Don’t forget to keep things easily accessible! Cutie Handles are a great way to keep your water bottles and other items close by. Remember, with kids, sometimes your plans may go out the window. Stay flexible, enjoy seeing new areas as you drive, and take breaks from the car to stretch your legs!

Road Trip Essentials with Ryan & Rose | Cutie Handle, Cutie Pouch, Holder, Clinks, Cutie Pop, Clasps and pop-it

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