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The holiday season is coming and we want to help you pick the perfect gift for every member of your family! Lindsey sat down and compiled her absolute favorite products, perfect for gift giving. Whether you're celebrating the holidays with family, friends, or virtually, we want to help you take the stress out of finding a gift!

Cutie Keychain

Babies LOVE to chew and play with things that make noise. You can't go wrong with a stacking toy or instrument! As you know, Ryan & Rose products are always a great suggestion for babies. From Cutie Teethers to Cutie Cubs, and everything in between, Cutie products make awesome stocking stuffers for the littlest one in the family! 

Musical Llama | Activity Table | Teether Stacker | Kalin Marie Lovey | Cutie Cub
Cutie Teether | Cutie Clips | Cutie Tensils | Cutie Bit | Cutie PAT Kit | Cutie Booties


Children bring so much joy to the holidays. Lindsey loves gifts which encourage Charley Ruth to be creative and use her imagination. Charley LOVES to play with dough and her baby doll, Hazel! You can't go wrong with a playhouse, coaster, and {of course} Cutie Bracelets! 


Personalized Pillow | Sensory Bin | Cutie Bracelets | Kalin Marie Blanket
Baby Doll | Coaster | Strolley | ATV | Helmet | Playhouse 


Lindsey intentionally picked gifts for older children that she knew were products Ryan Rose loved. She's always playing games with Ryan, especially Otrio! Bible Belle books are encouraging and uplifting stories featuring women from the Bible. A Cutie Pouch is the perfect stocking stuffer to store Cutie Bands & Bracelets in! 

Devotional Cards | Blocks | Cutie Pouch | Bible Belles | Cutie Bracelets
Cutie Bands | Cutie Tags | Remote Control Truck
Screwball Scramble | Otrio | Construction Toys


For the guys in your life, Lindsey recommends an outdoor rocker; it’s great for bonfires or tailgating. Don't forget a Cutie Holder & Cutie Sleeve to go along with it! A new pair of sunglasses pairs perfectly with a Cutie Strap. 

Workout Shorts | Boxers | Boots | Cutie Bracelets | Cutie Keychain
Cutie Strap | Sunglasses | Cutie Holder | Outdoor Rocker | Cutie Sleeve


Whether you're treating yourself, or buying for other women in your life, these are Lindsey's tried and true favorites for women! Athleta leggings can be worn year-round and look great with a pair of stylish sneakers! A personalized necklace is always a thoughtful gift for a loved one. The splash-proof Aloha Cutie Tote would be the cutest gift; filled with pampering items like a foot scrubber, Shimmer Jellies, and devotional cards. 

Athleta Leggings | Mirror | Cutie Bands | Freshly Picked Bag | On Runners
Wooster Sneakers | Cutie Holder | Loopy Case | Cutie Tote | Devotional Cards
Silhouette Necklace | Foot Scrubber | Portable Charger | IT Mascara | Cheek Stars
Counter + Serum | Eyeshadow | Amazing Grace Perfume | Shimmer Jellies 
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We hope these gift ideas help you pick the perfect presents for your loved ones. What gifts and stocking stuffers do you plan to stock up on? I'm eyeing that coaster for my kiddos! 

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