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Cutie Bracelets - Jesus Edition

June 23, 2021 / Jennifer Bothel

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The mission statement for Ryan & Rose is to provide families across the globe with cute, safe, and functional products. Alongside these key components, Ryan & Rose is refining the baby industry with guidance from the Lord. Since day 1, Lindsey has done everything according to God’s will. Like with the creation of all Cutie products, Cutie Bracelets were no different; they had to serve a purpose! 

In the beginning of 2020, God laid it on Lindsey’s heart to create something unique to help children share Jesus with others. She wanted to help her girls by giving them a tool to share Jesus with others! Lindsey's background in Special Education helped her to simplify the concept, always trying to make it easier for people to understand. While looking at her Cutie Bracelets, a thought came to mind; what about a cross featured on a Cutie Bracelet! She contacted Judy {if you’re new here, Judy is our AMAZING manufacturer!} and hit the ground running with this concept; the creation of a modern day Jesus bracelet. The visual representation was tweaked a bit to perfect the overall design and shape of the cross. With the help of team members, Keegan and Christa, colors were selected as a direct representation of Jesus! 

White: Jesus is PERFECT. He never sinned. 
Brown: Jesus FORGIVES. He dies on the cross for our sins. 
Pink: Jesus LOVES. You can ask Him into your heart. 
Blue: Jesus is your FRIEND. You can talk and pray to Him daily. 
Yellow: Jesus Forever. We get to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. 

Each pack of Jesus Edition Cutie Bracelets comes with 10 bracelets; 2 of each color! While Lindsey intended for this to specifically be a children’s tool, the love for this product from individuals of all ages is what led her to release these in all 4 sizing options; XS, S, M & L! As is the intention with all Cutie Bracelets, keep one and give one. From kids to adults, we’ve loved seeing everyone wearing their Jesus Cutie Bracelets

When creating Jesus Cutie Bracelets, Lindsey wanted to make the concept simple but powerful. I think we can all agree that she hit it out of the park with this one! As always, we hope that you spread kindness and Jesus, one Cutie Bracelet at a time! 

For those who wish to share the color card, we’ve created a downloadable PDF for you to print! That can be accessed HERE

*Be sure to measure your wrist flush before purchasing and refer to the sizing chart provided for you on the listing. If in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up!


  • I absolutely adore these! I will definitely be getting some!

    posted by Rinny VanHook on November, 8 2021
  • This is so heartwarming❤️

    posted by Kat on November, 8 2021
  • these bracelets are soooo cute

    posted by kylie on November, 8 2021
  • I’m so excited for the launch can’t wait to get it!

    posted by Jennifer on November, 8 2021