Ryan & Rose Cutie Coloring Contest
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Cutie Coloring Contest

April 05, 2020 / Meagan Erwin

tagged in: Activities

Staying safe at home but running out of things to do? 

Why not have a coloring contest, right?  

You've probably run through a few coloring sheets by now, but we have a new one for you. A Ryan & Rose version, of course! 

The top 5 artists will each win $25 in Cutie Cash. 

Here's how the Cutie Coloring Contest goes: 

1. Color as many sheets as you want 

2. Take a photo of the artist with their coloring sheet

3. Share on IG/Facebook with the hashtag #RRCutieColoringContest 

4. Contest ends on Friday (April 10th) at 12pm CST 


    Okay, it's time to get to coloring with your kids >Download the coloring sheets here<


    Follow us on Instagram @ryanandrose and on Facebook. Tag us and show us your cute artists and beautiful coloring sheets :)