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How about some Cutie Games during this quarantine season? We're all probably running out of ideas for activities, games, and crafts at this point, so we thought it would be great to drop a few game ideas for you all to enjoy with your littles. 

All you need is some Cutie Products and paper, and then some friendly competition. 

We have 5 great games for you below - you can download and print the rules for each game. Also watch Lindsey explain and show you the games in our latest YouTube video: 

Cutie Toss

> Download & Print Here

Download the rules and create score circles with 10 pieces of paper. Cut out the score circles and lay them across the room in any arrangement you desire. Then simply toss your Cutie Bracelets or Bands to see how many points you can score within 4 rounds (or however many rounds you choose to play). 

ryan and rose cutie bowling

Cutie Bowling

> Download & Print Here

Simply arrange your Cutie Tensils like bowling pins at the end of a table or large surface. Start with one in the front, then 2 behind it, then 3, and so on (depending on how many Tensils you have). Then grab a Cutie PAT or Cutie Bit and see who is the best at Cutie Bowling. Remember, you can award extra points for strikes and spares. 

 cutie matching

Cutie Matching

> Download & Print Here

Just like matching cards, arrange various Cutie Bracelet colors on a table making sure to mix them up. Then have your kids match the colors and see how fast they can collect all of the pairs. To make it harder for your bigger kids, try using a stopwatch to time them and make it race. You can even throw in a few extra moves, like Lindsey, to make it even more complicated and fun. 

cutie bullseye ryan and rose

Cutie Bullseye

> Download & Print Here

Just like darts, download the Cutie Bullseye "board" and tape to a wall or surface. Then take turns tossing Cutie Bracelets or Bands at the board to see how many points you can score. We recommend one person play and another watch the board to keep score. 

ryan and rose cutie


> Download & Print Here

Did you ever play HORSE growing up (the basketball game)? This is just like HORSE except you don't need a basketball or a basketball hoop. All you need is a Cutie PAT or a Cutie Bit and a basket or bucket. Then determine who goes first and follow the same rules as HORSE, except spell CUTIE. 


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