Cutie Holder + Bogg Bags

The idea behind the Ryan & Rose Cutie Holder derived from the need for additional storage options for strollers; however, it has proven to be one of the most multi-functional products that we’ve created. The Cutie Holder is an universal holder for bottles, keys, phones, snacks, and so much more. It can be utilized indoors and outdoors, and can be easily cleaned since it is 100% silicone. It attaches to a multitude of objects, fulfilling an abundance of needs.  

One of our favorite ways to utilize the Cutie Holder is with the coveted Bogg Bag! We think that the reason the Bogg Bag is so popular is for similar reasons as the Cutie Holder: they are both durable, easy to clean, and can be used just about anywhere. The Cutie Holder simply connects to the Bogg Bag using the accessory attachments that come with it. We love that you can attach the holders to the inside or outside of the bag, depending on how you prefer to utilize them. The larger Bogg Bags are even big enough to attach multiple holders to, providing you with many storage possibilities. 

Another fun perk to the holders and bags are the array of color options that you have to choose from! Ryan & Rose has over 35 colors in holders, making it fun to pair with the different Bogg Bag options. 

The Cutie Holder and Bogg Bag are the perfect duo for beach vacations, pool time, lake days, sports weekends, road trips, and more. We know you’ll love both of these products as much as we do!

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