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Cutie Holder: Stroller Cup Holder/Caddy

November 10, 2021 / Jennifer Bothel

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During a Black Friday shopping spree, the idea for the Cutie Holder popped into Lindsey’s mind. She wanted a universal cup holder which could hold all of her things, for a more hands-free shopping experience. Through lots of trial and error, along with many mockups and discussions with our manufacturer, the Cutie Holder was born! 

The Cutie Holder is so easy to attach to any item! Simply loop the silicone holder through the opening, around your item of choice. Pull tight to secure the Cutie Holder in place. The holes on the bottom allow for drainage from condensation and moisture. 

The Cutie Holder is so much more than a cup holder! Cutie Holders can be used for household items, keys, phones, sponges, soap, shampoo, and more! This universal holder attaches to stroller handles, lawn chairs, faucets, high chairs, headrests, and even bed frames! This product can be used outdoors, around the house, and on the go. The possibilities are truly endless for the Cutie Holder

We have Cutie Holders all over the house! From our kitchen to the bathroom and our car, the Cutie Holder is an item we utilize every single day. Comment below where you put your Cutie Holders!


  • Sons Wheelchair, wagon, gait trainer, walkers, shower, headboard, bathroom for hot tools and toothbrushes/paste, car for small things etc. Literally everywhere!! We love them!

    posted by Peyton Sosebee on November, 12 2021
  • I have holders in my kitchen sink for sponges, shower for soap, next to my bed for a waterbottle, in the car, and of course on my stroller. Love them!!

    posted by Tova on November, 12 2021