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Lindsey & Bret wrote a book! For years people encouraged Lindsey to write a book. She laughed and shrugged it off. Can you even believe it? Lindsey & Bret wrote a book, and it's here! Now let's go through the journey of writing Cutie, I Pray from start to finish. 

In September 2019, a Christian publishing company reached out through our contact form on the website. I forwarded the email to Lindsey and she took the call with the associate acquisitions editor. The original idea was for Lindsey & Bret to write a children's book; You're my Little Cutie Patootie. While they knew the word "Cutie" had to be involved, Lindsey didn't feel as though the original title/premise was very on-brand for Ryan & Rose. A prayer book was always part of the plan, being that prayer is such a big part of their lives and business. Through the month of October 2019, Lindsey & Bret worked together to create a first draft of Cutie, I Pray. With her personal prayer journal as a guide, they outlined areas of importance for prayer. 

During November 2019, the idea was pitched but the company was not meeting the margins they needed to continue with the concept. Our contact was disappointed, as were Lindsey & Bret, but she encouraged them to self-publish. Between the holiday season and the start of 2020, this idea took a seat on the back-burner while other tasks took priority. Lindsey knew if the Lord wanted them to do this he would guide them every step of the way. 

At the start of 2020 (March), Ryan & Rose teamed up with Erin and Brent Wiedman for a giveaway with their series; Bible Belles. After talking about the giveaway with them, the Lord placed it on Lindsey's heart to ask Brent about the book they had previously pitched. Brent said he could help and Lindsey hit the ground running, starting to work on the manuscript with the editor. She reached out to Courtney, the owner of Crew + Co., for her assistance with the illustrations. The beautiful hues pictured from front to back feature a selection of our favorite Cutie Clips. Some of the featured combinations include Watercolor, Paradise, Laguna, Aloha, and Fiji! 

After a couple of reviews, and tweaking of the sample which was received, Lindsey finalized the book for publishing! In September 2020, the first batch of

Cutie, I Pray books was ordered. We anticipated receiving them before Christmas, but knew things were delayed due to COVID-19 and the holidays. 

Lindsey & Bret are thrilled to announce that the first round of Cutie, I Pray books should be received soon! 1/28 was a presale for Cutie, I Pray, alongside a Bundle which included a signed copy of the book, bookmark, and exclusive Quinn Cutie Clip! In just under an hour and 20 minutes, thousands of copies were sold during our presale. THOUSANDS! 

We are so excited about this book and can't wait for Cutie, I Pray to be a daily prayer book that's read to children throughout the world! 


Peyton Sosebee
Peyton Sosebee

Cannot wait for this beautiful piece of love to be a part of our family. ❤️

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