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Cutie Mats

September 02, 2022 / Candice Pair

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The Cutie Mat is one of our most recent products to launch, and it has proven to be a customer favorite! Lindsey created the Cutie Mat with her youngest daughter, Charley, in mind. As with all Ryan & Rose products, functionality ranked as one of the most important aspects of the Cutie Mat; it needed to be large, lightweight, easy to pack, and multifunctional. 

The Ryan & Rose Cutie Mat is currently sold in packs of 30 with two design options: traceable letters and numbers, or rainbows and suns (15 of each design). With four adhesive strips to keep the mat in place, all you have to do is unfold the placemat, remove the strips from the back, and stick it to the surface by applying pressure to all four sides. When you’re done using that Cutie Mat, you can lift up the edges and either dispose of the mat, or fold it back up to reuse at a later time. Whether you need the Cutie Mat for a makeshift diaper changing pad, or as a placemat for your little one’s meal, the size of the Cutie Mat is sure to provide enough coverage to assist with either.

Cutie Mats also provide educational and hands-on fun for toddlers. Little Bear Trio stated “as a pediatric occupational therapist, I love all the various ways you can use the Ryan & Rose Cutie Mat! It can be used to address so many skills, such as fine motor coordination, visual motor skills, and upper extremity strength!” Children can use dry erase markers, dot markers, and crayola paint sticks for tracing and coloring cutie mats. To clean the mats, just simply use a wet wipe to remove markers and paint, and dry off with a cloth.

The Ryan & Rose Cutie Mats have so many positive attributes that make them a necessity for your purse and diaper bag. They provide an instant sanitary surface that is easy to clean, affordable enough to be disposable, durable enough to be reusable, and educational and fun, too. See for yourself why Ryan & Rose Cutie Mats have become a necessity for moms, babies, and toddlers alike!


  • I honestly think these are amazing! My daughter is just starting solids but I can’t wait to purchase some to have as a duper bag staple! They are genius!

    posted by Kaylee on September, 5 2022
  • We start our homeschool year on Tuesday and I can’t wait to use these with my preschooler.

    posted by Jessica on September, 5 2022
  • Love the size and the functionality!! Also so much fun for my little guy at the same time!!!

    posted by Stephanie Chavarria on September, 5 2022
  • Ah so smart it can be for diaper changing or eating on the go! Love the educational aspect of the abc one!

    posted by Nicole on September, 3 2022
  • Love the size of these mats and that they can easily be put down and draw baby girls attention. Genius product for on the go parents! ❤️

    posted by Heather Kelley on September, 3 2022
  • These are THE BEST! I may or may not be known for always grabbing a few extra Chick-fil-A mats when I am there…. But not anymore! I purchased a pack of the Alphabet mats and my 3 year old and 1 year old love them! I love that they are so much bigger and have a stronger grip to the table! Total game changer with my 1 year old. I’m not Lysol wiping all over the table before we put him into a high chair at a restaurant anymore! Cutie Mats are a so helpful!

    posted by Tori Guibergia on September, 3 2022
  • Such a great idea to use at a restaurant to keep your little occupied while waiting what feels like forever for food!

    posted by Candace on September, 3 2022
  • Really genius product! Can’t tell you how many times I forgot to bring our baby plate out and didn’t want to give them a real plate or have them eat directly off the table (gross). So easy to keep in the diaper bag!

    posted by Emily Kohl on September, 2 2022
  • Love how functional and educational these reusable mats are!

    posted by Jessica on September, 2 2022
  • Even if your toddler doesn’t know letters or numbers yet, this is still perfect to help them learn!

    posted by Amanda Romine on September, 2 2022
  • I really love this idea

    posted by Megan on September, 2 2022
  • I always love an activity to do while we are out to dinner that doesn’t include electronics! These are perfect!

    posted by Katie H. on September, 2 2022
  • Love how multi functional these are. The designs are super cute as well!

    posted by Sipriana Robledo on September, 2 2022
  • Love the cutie mats! This is such a smart idea for the little ones.

    posted by Kaylie on September, 2 2022
  • These are so cute and fun. Love that there is so many and are also reusable ! One pack will last a long time!

    posted by Kim on September, 2 2022
  • Love the cutie mats! It is such a great idea and affordable. I love that my son can learn how to write his letters and we can use them on the go at restaurants!!

    posted by Jennifer Nicolas on September, 2 2022
  • I love that they are reusable and can be taken anywhere. Makes meal times super easy

    posted by Nicole Sacchetti on September, 2 2022
  • Omg !!! Love this so so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    posted by Imgirlieee07 on September, 2 2022
  • I just love these! Would love to see some road scenes that match….Road driving through a farm scene or construction area, or even a safari!

    posted by Kimberly on September, 2 2022
  • We love that these are multi functional. Perfect for meal time, arts and crafts, learning etc…

    posted by Lauren on September, 2 2022
  • They’re so cute! They look perfect for on the go. I always feel bad about the mess we leave on the table when we eat out, and I don’t trust restaurant tables to be clean anyway. 🙃 I can’t wait to get ours

    posted by Rachel honeycutt on September, 2 2022
  • These are perfect for travel and eating out!!!! I love how you can just trap the mess inside and pack it away!

    posted by Maria Toderashko on September, 2 2022
  • So cute! Fun idea to teach them the alphabet!

    posted by Emily Matyas on September, 2 2022
  • Love the fact that they are reusable also so easy to clean up the mess. Can’t wait for my little one to start tracing meanwhile he’s entertained by looking at all the letters.

    posted by Paola Aguilar on September, 2 2022
  • I love the Cutie Mats! They are great for taking out to restaurants and the tracers, specifically, are great for quiet time activities at home.

    posted by Ashley Y on September, 2 2022