Cutie Pillow: Personalized Pillow + Insert

The Cutie Pillow can now be purchased at Chasing Wild Arrows! Keela is a former employee of Ryan & Rose, and a dear friend. She started her business, Chasing Wild Arrows, as an outlet for her creativity. She provides clients with unique personalized goods. She first presented us with the idea for Cutie Pillows, and we loved the idea of this partnership! We did a one time launch on our website, featuring Linen with a variety of font/color options. While this product is no longer available on our website, you can purchase them directly from Keela’s store; Chasing Wild Arrows

We are so appreciative of Keela, and all of the work she’s done for Ryan & Rose. Keela has previously worked as a maker, helped ship, and did engraving for Cutie Clips. We hope you take the time to look at everything Keela has to offer in her shop, as we know you’ll love her products as much as we do! 

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