Do Pacifiers Help With Ear Pressure While Traveling?

Do Pacifiers Help With Ear Pressure While Traveling?

Whether you go on a trip to visit relatives or plan a fun-packed vacation, you may need to travel by plane. Unfortunately, no matter how old you are, air travel can mean some discomfort or pain as your ears pop. No parent wants to see their baby in pain, and pacifiers help lessen this discomfort. In this post, we'll delve deeper into why pacifiers can help and other ways to soothe your baby during the flight.

Pacifiers Ease Ear Discomfort

Many parents may wonder whether pacifiers help with ear pressure while traveling. According to the professionals at KidsHealth, sucking on a paci helps lessen the ear pain. This is because the sucking sensation—more importantly, swallowing—reduces the pressure on the Eustachian tubes. Constant swallowing keeps these tubes inside the ears open. The ear pain that many of us experience when flying occurs because the Eustachian tubes get blocked.

Encouraging your child to suck on a pacifier can also help relax them in an unfamiliar environment. Planes are loud, and this can seem scary to a baby. Sucking on a pacifier allows them to self-soothe those emotions.

Bonus Ways To Ease Discomfort

Although we know that pacifiers help with ear pressure while traveling, you need additional ways to soothe your infant if your baby doesn't want their paci. Having a few backup plans to ease their discomfort during a flight helps you further prevent ear pain— not to mention preventing some of the pained cries that can upset your fellow passengers.

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