Do Pacifiers Interfere With Breastfeeding?

Do Pacifiers Interfere With Breastfeeding?

Many new parents worry that a pacifier—also called a paci or binky—will confuse their baby, especially when you exclusively breastfeed your bundle of joy. You may even wonder, “Do pacifiers interfere with breastfeeding?” These fears are perfectly understandable since every parent wants the best for their child and all of you are new to this world. Keep reading this article for some tips you need when deciding whether or not to give your baby a binky.

Pacifiers and Breastfeeding

Do pacifiers interfere with breastfeeding? Giving your baby a paci won’t negatively impact breastfeeding. Some babies may have a bit of nipple confusion, but this often fades as your baby adjusts to the pacifier. Nipple confusion can occur because your little one doesn’t understand the difference between what’s artificial and real just yet.

Use Binkies at the Right Time

Pacifiers are a great item to keep in your parenting toolbox since that sucking sensation will help soothe your baby. While babies are new to the world, they’re pretty smart and can adapt. So a paci will not make breastfeeding impossible, nor will it ruin the progress the two of you have made.

Our minds and bodies are incredible, and infants naturally know to suckle when something is in their mouths. Babies may use a pacifier to help self-soothe when not feeding during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

Pro Tip

If you’ve only breastfed your baby so far but want to introduce a pacifier, try giving them a bottle first to introduce them to an artificial nipple.

The Pros of a Paci

Pacifiers are wonderful for babies and can help calm them by giving them something to suck on. These little tools help soothe your precious child, whether they’re in a new environment or it’s naptime. Various studies have also outlined connections between pacifiers and reducing the risk of SIDS.

Giving your baby a pacifier is a great way to help them calm down when they’re upset. Being a parent is overwhelming at times, and a crying baby adds to this. With a great binky, you can cuddle up with your bundle of joy as the two of you relax.

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