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It’s crazy to think Easter will be here in a few short weeks. If you’re anything like me, you’re already scouring Amazon, Target, and other retailers for Easter treats. Today we’re sharing with you some of Lindsey’s favorite Easter finds for your little cuties. Let us help you put together those Easter baskets this year! 

Easter baskets for babies can be simple and stuffed with lots of Ryan & Rose goodies! Pair Cutie, I Pray with a Cutie PAT Kit and coordinating Cutie Clip. Don’t forget a Cutie Cub! With spring in the air, add a cute bathing suit & hat!

Cutie, I Pray | Hat | Headband | Bathing Suit | Cutie PAT
Cutie Cub | Cutie Teether | Cutie Clips | Kalin Marie Lovey | Cutie PAT Kit

For toddlers, you can’t go wrong with bubbles! Keep those little ones active with an outdoor tree swing. A fidget toy is a great addition, next to a Cutie Bapron and new set of Cutie Tensils

Cutie, I Pray | Bow | Cutie Tensils | Cutie Bapron | Cutie Bit
Fidget Toy {similar} | Bathing Suit | Cutie Clips | Tree Swing | Bubbles {similar}

Older kiddos can still join in on the Cutie fun with a stack of Cutie Bracelets, Cutie Bands, and Cutie Lanyard! Devotion cards and Jesus Edition Cutie Bracelets are a sweet reminder of the holiday.

Cutie Bands | Cutie Bracelets | Cutie Lanyard | Cutie Clasp | Bathing Suit
Hair ChalkColoring Book | Sandals | Tablecloth | Jesus Bracelets | Devotion Cards

For our family, we always include a coloring book, bubbles, candy, bathing suit, hat, and sandals. This year, each kid will also be getting a Cutie Journal and Cutie Bracelets too! Drop a comment below telling us what you're putting in your Easter Baskets this year! 

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