Family Travel Essentials - What to Take on Your Next Trip

Ryan and Rose has been a travel essential for our family on trips of all kinds. Whether we are on a plane, a road trip, hiking or navigating a new city, Cutie Products have made life much more simple and reduced some of the stress that comes along with travel and babies. 


Cutie Clips - Clip It & Go

pacifier clip - Ryan & Rose Cutie Clip

Our first discovery was the Cutie Clip and WHOA did it change travel on planes and through airports. As a mom and nurse, I was so paranoid  about all the germs when traveling with an infant and, of course, our little one loved to throw the paci or spit it out at the most inconvenient times.

The Cutie Clip was/is such a life saver! Because Cutie Clips come in various lengths, it's versatile for any sort of travel needs. We have used it for pacifiers, toys, sippy cups, snack cups and so much more.

The Cutie Clip can easily be wiped down in case of spit up or spills and it can be clipped to clothes, car seats, infant carriers or stroller straps (and a bunch of other places). Plus, there is a color to match any and every outfit. 


Cutie Teether Rattles - Keep Your Little Entertained

baby teether rattle

Cutie Teether Rattles are also a NEED when traveling with a little one. Since they are made of silicone, rattles can be rinsed under running water or wiped down with a wet cloth - perfect for on the go. Cutie Teether Rattles help entertain your littles while traveling, they can be passed from hand to hand, the rattle makes for a great distraction (like when you're going through a drive-thru or security line at the airport)... and it’s the perfect teether! 


Cutie Tags - Tag Everything Before You Go

cutie tags - tags for everything

Next on the list are Cutie Tags, trust me on this one, your bags need this accessory. Functional and stylish, cutie tags are durable and serve a very practical purpose.

We love to put tags on all bags when traveling - you can easily write or print your personal information on the cards included with the product. Whether our bags stay with us (like a backpack, carryon or diaper bag) or if they are being put on a plane, bus or in the trunk, Cutie Tags make identifying our things much easier.

The colors are easily seen from a distance and help to quickly identify which bag belongs to each person. Plus, they add a fun pop of color - win win! 


Cutie Holder - The Handy Holder For Nearly Anything

cutie holder - holder for drinks, toys, glasses, and more

The newest product, the Cutie Holder, is another item that you will definitely want to include on your travel packing list.

The Cutie Holder is great for so many things but this is one that we think is a MUST for road trips.

The Cutie Holder is a silicone product that can hold so many different items. Since the loop attachment stretches, you can easily put it around the headrest where it can be used for small items that are easily lost in the seat or floor board. Our favorite things to drop in are crayons or colors of any kind, kids sunglasses, foldable headphones or earbuds, and DRINKS.

Hallelujah for the capacity to hold drinks. This brings me to another amazing use, a drink holder for your lawn or beach chair.

And definitely attaching to the stroller. I can't tell you how many times we've collapsed the stroller and knocked the included big plastic cupholder off (and it goes flying somewhere). It's SO nice now to collapse the stroller and let the Cutie Holder just fold in with it and not worry about it falling off, breaking, or being lost. Love it!


And now for some of Lindsey's handpicked favorites that her and the family use every time they head out on a vacation. Maybe you've seen some highlighted on Instagram stories and don't remember which brand or which style Lindsey mentioned... well now you have a list of Lindsey's favorites.


Lindsey’s favorite travel items:

BEST travel stroller: Pockit Lightweight Stroller

pocket travel stroller

This stroller is seriously amazing. It weighs in at just under 10 pounds and has the ability to fold up into a backpack case. WHAT?!  Even though it’s small, the essential features are not missing! The undercarry storage basket is large, there is a great overhead shade, it easily steers with one hand and it has the capacity to hold a child up to 55lbs. This stroller has made family travel much easier, minimizing the space of one baby item that is usually quite large. Strollers can be hard to maneuver onto planes and take up a large portion or the trunk on a road trip, but not this little guy. The Pockit Lightweight Stroller checks so many boxes for a great travel stroller and is our pick for your travel needs. 

BEST travel car seat: WAYB Pico or Graco Nautilus 

travel car seat 

The WAYB Pico is just so easy to travel with and makes airplane rides so much more doable with a toddler. The size is perfect for bringing on the plane and buckling a toddler in. Then he/she feels more like being in a car and it's typically a lot more manageable that way. 

Of course, the WAYB Pico is a premium price, so we've also traveled with the Graco Nautilus and like it too. It's definitely more budget friendly. But if you are traveling a lot or planning to travel a lot with your kids, then the WAYB is an investment worth checking out. 


BEST pack n play: 4Moms Breeze Playard Pack and Play

pack n play for children

The brilliant designers at 4Moms have done amazing work with this pack and play. We always travel with a pack and play, even as our little one has grown much bigger, it is still the perfect place for her to sleep. In hotels, condos, camping or at a family members home, your little one needs a safe space to play or rest. This product will meet all of your needs and is managed with ease. All you have to do is push down on the center,  it's that easy - you can even do it one handed. We are all about easy! Especially when arriving to our destination late at night, setup of sleeping arrangements needs to be quick and seamless - 4moms breeze playard pack and play is GREAT! Check out our video review to see just how simple the process of setup and tear down is. 

Here's Lindsey's review of the 4Moms Breeze:


BEST sleep assist: DockATot Deluxe+ Dock 

dockatot for toddlers sleep

We love the DockATot because it allowed Charley to sleep through the night when we started using it at 3 months old. And of course since she slept in it at home, we then brought it with us whenever we traveled. A big part of traveling and enjoying a vacation is being able to rest well... and of course that can be challenging with little ones... but the DockATot helped us tremendously and we 100% recommend it. 


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