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Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?!  Our FREE Valentine’s Day printables were a BIG hit the last 2 years. We decided to bring them back again, and we’re giving you more options than ever before. Below we have Valentine's Day options for Cutie Bracelets, Cutie Pops, and Jesus Edition Cutie Bracelets. However, any of these printables could be used for various Cutie products; Cutie Loops, Cutie Lanyards, Cutie Holders, and more! Let us help you give the perfect Valentines for your family and friends with these FREE Valentine's Day printables! 

Cutie Bracelets (Option A) | Cutie Bracelets (Option B)

Cutie Bracelet Valentines

First up, we have Cutie Bracelets! Available in 4 multicolored collections, these sets can be separated and attached to any of our printables. The Fall Collection, Winter Collection, and Funfetti Collection features 16 Cutie Bracelets in total. The Tailgate Collection comes with 20 Cutie Bracelets. The fun colors and wide-range of sizes makes this a wonderful option for any age! 

Cutie Bracelets (Option C) | Cutie Bracelets (Option D)

Cutie Bracelets can be attached to the “hand” printables in the most creative way! For this project, you’ll need scissors and tape. Simply print your favorite printable, cut around the edge, notch 2 slits {on both sides of the wrist drawing}, and slide the Cutie Bracelet onto the card. On the backside, tape in place. Voila, you’re ready to go!  

Cutie Pop Valentines

Our new Cutie Pops are such a great Valentine for any fidget loving friend! Available on both a Cutie Loop or Cutie Lanyard, the Cutie Pop comes in 3 different colors. My kids can’t wait to give these to their friends at school! 

Cutie Pops

Printables for Cutie Pops can be printed and attached to the packaging with a string or piece of tulle! For this project you’ll need scissors,  a hole punch, and something to tie the printable to the Cutie Pop. Cut the printable around the edge and punch a hole near the top/center of the card. Using a piece of tulle, or {my personal favorite} baker’s twine, tie a bow to secure it in place! 

Jesus Bracelet Valentines

Lastly, we have our viral Jesus Edition Cutie Bracelets. Sharing Jesus with others this Valentine’s day has never been easier! Available in our Original 10 pack or 5-pack Collections, our multiple color selects are sure to bring a smile to any recipient’s face! 



After you decide on your preferred Cutie product, add to cart, complete checkout, download any of our convenient FREE Valentine's Day Printables, and get ready to put your Valentines together! 

We have added to the Valentine’s printables to include options for your little ones to personalize and color! 

Free Valentine’s Day printables

Happy Valentines Day  | Jesus loves you Valentine!

Free Valentine’s Day printables

Happy Valentines Day  | Jesus loves you and I do too!

Other Options: I love you A | I love you B

We hope you enjoy these projects and love these Valentines as much as we do! Which Cutie products are you gifting this Valentine’s Day?

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