Getting Organized with Lindsey

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Let's get organized! Going into 2021, Lindsey took the time to organize her pantry, cabinets, and bathroom. We're linking her absolute favorite containers to get the job done. These can be found on Amazon, in the mDesign store, and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. 

Specifically for her pantry, Lindsey used a combination of 4 different sized clear bins. On the bottom, the stackable bins are perfect for packs of nuts, granola clusters, and granola bars.

The open front bins, also on the bottom row, are ideal for stacking applesauce containers, fruit cups, and oatmeal. For packs of chips, crackers, and fruit pouches bins with handles were used for easy accessibility. Taller bins with handles also allow for maximum storage ability for odd shaped packages! 

Don't forget about your coffee cabinet! Open front bins are great for storing K-cups. 

Last but not least, Lindsey tackled her medicine and first aid supplies. A combination of bins with handles worked well for storing her household medications, bandaids, vitamins, and syringes  

We hope this helped you to get some ideas to bring organization to your home. What rooms do you plan to organize? I know I'm tackling our pantry this weekend! 

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