How To Clean Our Cutie Clips (pacifier & multi-use clips)

Welcome to the world of Cutie Clips! 

Today we will be discussing the process of caring for and cleaning your Cutie Clips. First, let’s get a little overview of the Cutie Clip:

  • Cutie Clips are the highest quality and safest pacifier clips on the market.
  • Cutie Clips are short, safe, stylish, durable, and multifunctional.
  • Cutie Clips are made of several different materials including silicone, leather, wood & cotton.
  • Each style of clip is unique in how it will wear and how it will need to be cleaned or maintained. 


How To Clean Wood , Silicone, and Cotton Cutie Clips: 


  • Cutie Clips can be hand-washed or spot-cleaned with warm water & mild soap.
  • This is a great time to inspect your clips to ensure there is no damage.
  • Absorb the majority of remaining water with a towel and be sure to wipe off the metal clip.
  • Lay cleaned clips on a towel, keep the metal clip open and allow the Cutie Clip to air dry completely. Do not soak Cutie Clips in water. 

**Remember: do not put your Cutie Clips in a dishwasher, dryer, or microwave to clean and/or sanitize.  


How to Clean Leather Clips: 


  • It is best to wipe down leather Cutie Clips with a damp cloth or baby wipe.
  • If a spill or spit up occurs, be sure to wash your Cutie Clip as soon as possible.
  • Leather clips may be run under cool water.
  • After the clip is clean, dab lightly with a soft cloth and lay flat to dry. Be sure to leave the metal clip open. 


How to Soften Leather Clips:


If your leather Cutie Clips get stiff or dry, you can apply coconut oil to soften them. Simply apply the coconut oil with your fingers or a cloth, let air dry & wipe off any excess from the leather. Coconut oil can also be applied to wooden Cutie Clips to extend the longevity of the clip. This will also prevent the wooden beads from absorbing dye from dark clothing. 

**Remember: coconut oil can darken both leather and wooden beaded clips



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We changed the name to Cutie Clips because we realized that they could be attached to more than just pacifiers. Cutie Clips attach to all pacifiers as well as teethers, toys, sippy cups, snack containers, blankets, or anything that has a hole in which you can loop through.

Parents on the go can attach their child’s favorite things to their clothing, bibs, car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings, etc. Cutie Clips help keep your little ones favorite things close by, and prevents them from falling on the floor or getting lost.

We like to say, "Don't want to lose it, Cutie Clip it.” 

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