How We Pick Clips for New LE Releases (Behind the Scenes)

June is officially HERE! New Limited Editions and some of our favorite previous LEs are being released in June! Have you ever wondered how Lindsey and the team decide on which Cutie Clips will be available in each color? Who is in on the fun?! 

Each new LE release is tediously thought out. After the HUGE task of picking the actual color, the clip styles and string colors are selected. Lindsey takes time to pray over each release and consults Candice, Sarah, and the rest of the team at HQ on their favorite Cutie Clips - the Cutie Community on Facebook also plays a role by expressing interest in certain items. It's always exciting as we wait to see what the line up will include for each color. 

How We Pick LE Cutie Clips: 

Step 1 - Ordering LE Colors in Advance: 

First, the team orders LE colors three months in advance (sometimes even more) so that we have time to make clips, select, send to photographers and videographers, and add to the website. It’s quite a process! To go from a color to finished clips and everything listed on the website with photos and videos is quite a task and includes so many awesome team members.

Of course, as many of you know, we had to be flexible this month even with ordering so far in advance. Coronavirus has impacted everything and all of us. It delayed the shipment of our LE colors, which is why the team had to make changes on the fly.  

Step 2 - Make All the Clips: 

Next up, Candice gives the LE beads to Sarah (one of our makers) and Sarah makes every clip with the LE beads. Yes, every single one. This allows Lindsey and the team to see each clip with the LE color. You need every option in front of you to pick, right?

Makers used to make every single clip for all LE colors but it became overwhelming for the team and for customers, so Lindsey decided to pair down the clip selection per LE launch. 

Lindsey tries to mix it up each LE launch with different clips, but of course there are favorite clips that make it into production with each launch. 

Step 3 - Pick the LE Clips to Release: 

Lindsey and some of the team sit down with all of the clips and take on the massive challenge of deciding which clips to launch in the LE color. Sometimes it's Candice and Sarah, sometimes it's all of the shipping team, and sometimes it's just Bret helping Lindsey pick. As you can imagine, there are so many choices… so many good choices! 

In order to pair down the options, Candice prefers selecting her favorite wood bead clip first and moving on from there. They also consider which mini and maxi look best with the LE color, along with the tan or silver string. 

If you haven’t watched the YouTube video showing this selection process, make sure you watch it to see how selections are made. 

Step 4 - Sarah Creates the Rush Combos: 

And last in the process, but absolutely not least because they are so wonderful... Sarah creates the rush combinations for Lindsey to pick. How does Sarah do it? Well, that's probably a whole other blog post and video right there. Sarah is the queen of sitting down with colors and picking the right combinations that we all have come to love. 

You can expect rush clips with each LE release, including the new LE color along with core colors and previous LE colors. 

We're always amazed at what Sarah's able to combine and create. A new rush may match perfectly with a previous LE you purchased, which makes the rushes even more perfect!



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