Keesha Warrior Princess

As many of you might know, October is a month to raise awareness about breast health through the stories of those who have fought the heroic fight of breast cancer. Lindsey personally pays tribute to Keesha, a great friend, who was a Breast Cancer warrior. I pray that the information you receive about Keesha, and breast health in general, resonates with those who read these words. It is with great honor, and privilege, that I write the following blog post. Here’s Keesha’s story; A true Warrior Princess. 

Keesha’s father, Bob, was kind enough to help me with some words about his daughter and the incredible organization that was created in her honor. Bob said, “Keesha was a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a cousin. She was a loyal friend who typically saw only the good in people. She loved music and played in the band at ECS and at the University of Memphis. She was a Luke Byran freak - who followed his every success as an entertainer (and even knew the name of his dogs and his kids).”

She delighted in going to his concerts over and over again. She was a daycare teacher who loved her work - and teaching was a calling more than a job. And, while it did not make her rich, it gave her great satisfaction to share her life with kids.

Lindsey, Whitney, Keesha, and her family met through, and attended the same, fellowship group. Through time spent together, and many conversations, the two realized they knew a lot of the same people even though they didn’t attend the same schools. They were the same age, but going through different seasons of life; alongside each other. While Lindsey was married, with Ryan Rose in her toddler years, Keesha had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. 

When asked about Keesha’s initial diagnosis, Bob shared, “At the young age of just 30 years old, she began to have problems with breathing and pain in her back - the doctor pointed to asthma and to a pulled muscle. But what she did not tell the doctor was she also had some signs of breast cancer that she did not know how to talk about.” Keesha was not sexually active. Therefore, she was under the impression that annual gynecological exams and check-ups weren’t necessary. Unfortunately, clinical breast exams weren’t done and the news came like a shock to everyone who knew Keesha. Bob said, “We were all shocked when the doctor came into the room and said she had stage-4 metastatic breast cancer. Just like others, we thought breast cancer was typically not an issue for women her age. And, we were equally shocked to learn that is not true - that 11% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are under 45. That is 1 in every 10 diagnoses.”

Her bravery during her four-year journey of hundreds of doctor appointments and 14 different chemo regimens was how she earned the moniker, Warrior Princess.

Keesha was met with open arms, and cured of all illness, when she met Jesus on 11/28/2017. 

From that day forward, Keesha’s parents began sharing her story. It’s Keesha’s wish, and theirs, to squash the stigma associated with breast checks and annual exams. Whether it be a bad experience, or the thought of not needing an annual gynecological checkup, education and awareness are of the utmost importance for women of all ages. 

We witnessed her impact by the many parents who brought their kids by the house to see “Ms. Keesha” during her sickness. She was a person of faith that hated platitudes - and knew early, outside a miracle, she was going to be on treatment for the rest of her life. She wanted people to understand more about why she was sick and what her diagnosis of "metastatic, stage-4" breast cancer really meant.

Bob and Susan have 1 simple goal, to share Keesha’s story. Women between the ages of 25 & 45 should be doing their own monthly breast exams. They should also be going to a gynecologist on an annual basis. At the appointment, a more thorough breast exam will be administered and they’ll ask important questions a regular physician might be missing. Bob said the organization is working on putting together additional information to assist with the reminders many of us need. “We are also working on two new ways to help you remember. We will have available very soon a shower card hanger that shows you basic steps and is a constant reminder to do the self-exam. We are also working on a new app that will offer how-to info, reminders, alarms, and community - to provide further information.” More information on how you can obtain a shower card is outlined below! 

In 2018, Ryan & Rose created the Keesha Cutie Clip. All sales from the Keesha Cutie Clip were donated directly to the Keesha Warrior Princess organization. Ryan & Rose was the first donation they received. Bob & Susan have created this organization, “ fund the further education and empowerment of women to follow a consistent breast health path.”

Last year, Lindsey introduced another Cutie Clip, the Susan, to sell alongside the Keesha Cutie Clip. The proceeds from both of these Cutie Clips were once again donated directly to this wonderful organization.

We are thrilled to announce another amazing lineup for this year’s donation. This is your first sneak peek at the Cutie Clips which will be raising funds to be donated to the Keesha Warrior Princess organization. 

Dani Keesha | Tata Keesha | Betty Keesha

We hope that Keesha’s story, and the work the Keesha Warrior Princess Organization is doing, drives home the importance of breast health. Keesha was a kind person, and loved by her friends and family deeply. Many state, “She was the purest soul I’ve ever known.” It’s our job to continue telling Keesha’s story, and save lives while doing so. Keesha was a kind, silly, and brave woman. While she might not be with us on earth, she’s still…

saving lives by increasing early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in women age 25-45 through education and community.

I hope that you’ll join Bob, Susan, Lindsey, and myself in sharing Keesha's story. 

To register for your shower card, sign up using THIS link! 

Don’t forget to Like Keesha Warrior Princess on Facebook and follow @keeshawarriorprincess on Instagram. Keesha Warrior Princess is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. Direct donations can be made here

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