Month of the Military Child - April

During the month of April, we celebrate military children and all of the sacrifices that they make! These children are resilient and endure a lot given this lifestyle they live. Between moves, deployments, exercises, and more, these children prove time and time again how strong they are!

Military children are unique and special. During the month of April, we have the opportunity to salute them and thank them for their sacrifices. As a military family ourselves, we know the life our children live isn’t always easy. They’re constantly enduring the unknown that comes with being a Military Child. Goodbyes are met with beautiful homecomings, and moving at a moment’s notice becomes second nature to many.

“I’m so proud of Kai & Evie’s adaptability with change. They are always excited for the adventures that the military brings.” -Danielle Popoff

The love and support from family and friends helps to bridge the gap when loved ones are away. We’re so fortunate to live in a community that has programs in our schools for military children. Olivia and Landon, my 4th and 2nd graders, participate in a program called Lunch Bunch. During this weekly lunch meeting, they’re able to talk to a military-specific guidance counselor, and meet with other military children in their grade! Olivia & Landon have both enjoyed their participation with this program, and made so many friends they can lean on when needed. Olivia, Landon, McKinley, and Cole are truly special. I’m constantly proud of how they adapt to, and handle, hard situations. 

“My kids have the biggest hearts. They share their dad with the nation.” -Kyle Herrman

“We’ve lived in Virginia Beach and Memphis with the Navy. My boys have made lifelong friends, who live all over the world, as military kids!” -Michele Ball

Wearing purple is a way to recognize Military Children this month! The color purple encompasses all of the colors that make up the different branches of the military; Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and the Army. Oftentimes you’ll see purple colored apparel adorned with Dandelions, the official flower of the Military Child. This flower is significant because it’s able to put down roots almost anywhere and is nearly impossible to destroy. 

Please join us by recognizing all of the Ryan & Rose active duty military children; Olivia, Landon, McKinley, Cole, Kai, Evie, Bryce, Webb, Briggs, Cash, Selah, Gavan, & Jack. We also recognize the children of our Ryan & Rose family who are serving in the National Guard & Reserves, and those who are Veterans ; Ella, Fynlee, Adley, Baylor, & Remie. 

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