Must Have NEW Teether That Babies Love


Cutie Clinks are the hottest teether on the market, and for many good reasons! When Lindsey had the idea to create a new teether, she wanted to make sure it stood out from the rest, was multipurpose, and consistent with the Ryan & Rose brand.

In March of 2021, Lindsey, Bret, and Bill utilized Ryan & Rose Christmas ornaments to begin the design process for a new teether. Lindsey knew she wanted a smaller, beaded teether to provide comfort to babies, but multiple rings so it would be long enough to attach to strollers, car seats, play gyms, clothing, and more. The idea was presented to Judy, our manufacturer, but she did not think it would be possible to attach the rings together to a metal clip. However, Lindsey felt confident that it could be done, and prayed for innovation for Judy and her team. After two molds, we finally had the perfect teether! The end product resulted in 5 lightweight teethers linked together and attached to our signature Ryan & Rose metal clip, and would come in some of our most popular Ryan & Rose colors.

The initial launch date for Cutie Clinks was January 6, 2022. We launched 4 options: Precious, Handsome, Neutral, and Mosaic. To our surprise, Cutie Clinks sold out in three minutes! It was obvious that parents were just as excited about our new teethers as we were!

Cutie Clinks are the perfect solution for your teething babies. They are lightweight, fit perfectly in little hands, soothing to gums, and can be utilized in so many ways.  

Don’t just take our word for it; one of our cutie moms said...

“I love how we can use them anywhere. I can clip them to my shirt, the car seat, my baby’s clothes, her activity mat, etc. We literally use them everywhere!”
Another mom commented that it was...
“...such a creative solution to a teething toy,”

We couldn’t agree more! 

We are excited about this new product, and can’t wait to see how Cutie Clinks continue to provide comfort to babies all over the world.


Charles Roman
Charles Roman

Effort is real. Beautiful design with a hook at one end.
I am also providing the teethers. Design is different from it but as you have mentioned that safety should be the number one priority.

Megan Force
Megan Force

Our baby girl absolutely loves these. The Clinks fit perfectly in her little mouth, and these are definitely our favorite teether! The colors are also gorgeous, so even better!

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