Lindsey's Favorite Backpacks

I absolutely loved back to school shopping when I was growing up. So much excitement surrounded the hunt for new clothes, school supplies, and searching for the perfect backpack. I think for me, the backpack was my favorite part. It was exciting to find something that incorporated all of my favorite things in one. As a parent, I’ve found that my children find the same enjoyment with backpack shopping. At Ryan & Rose, we understand that the search can be overwhelming with so many options out there. Lindsey is making it easy for you this year, and has compiled a list of some of her favorite backpacks for Ryan and Charley (and of course we didn’t forget about our boy moms, too!)

When searching for a new backpack, there are a few things that we can all agree on as parents: that it is made well, so it will last all year long, that it’s comfortable (not too stiff, not too heavy), and that the size is appropriate for the child’s age and needs.

When Lindsey began to scour the Internet for Ryan and Charley’s new backpacks, she started with a few brands that have always worked great for their family. For Ryan, she knew it needed to be large enough for a laptop, but also something that would fit her personality. It also needed to be durable since older kids are required to carry belongings to multiple classes throughout the day, and to ensure their electronics are protected.

LL Bean Delux Pack | Adidas Prime V PackNorth Face Jester | North Face PivoterKane Kids Large | North Face Surge

As you can see, The North Face and L.L. Bean top the list of some our favorite backpacks; however, when shopping for younger kids, we feel that you can get away with more affordable options. Here are some of Lindsey’s favorite backpacks for Charley.

We love Pottery Barn Kids for boy’s backpacks. They offer so many cute designs that are geared towards their favorite things: superheroes, trucks, sports, animals, and more. We also love the durability and color options that L.L. Bean and The North Face have to offer, too.
Pottery Barn Sharks | Crate & Kids Colorblock | Pottery Barn Sharks | LL Bean Delux Pack | State Kane Kids | North Face Borealis 

While you’re searching for the perfect backpack, don’t forget all the back-to-school goodies that Ryan & Rose has to offer, too! Some of our most popular products among kids are our Cutie Pops! We have a few options to choose from: the Cutie Pop Mini, The Cutie Pop Ball, and the Cutie Pop Square. The Cutie Pop Mini and Ball are both attached to loops, making it easy to attach to backpacks and lunchboxes, or they can be worn around their wrist. The Ryan & Rose Cutie Tags are also perfect for labeling your child’s lunchbox and backpack. Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to stock up on Cutie Lanyards and Holders for all your teachers; they make perfect back-to-school gifts!

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