We Got a Pool! - The Installation Process, Budget, Furniture & More

First, Lindsey thought she’d never have a pool. She felt like their backyard was horrible and not a space they would enjoy together as a family. 

But then Covid hit the U.S. back in March and the thought of getting a pool surfaced. Bret stayed home with the girls and quarantined while Lindsey was still working. And it was during that time that Bret and Lindsey both decided… if Bret and the girls were going to stay home for weeks and weeks, then now was the best time to make the investment in a pool. 

So they did! 

Finding a Pool During Covid

Finding a pool in March was quite difficult. Other people were booking installations and pools weren’t being manufactured. It was a bit of luck stumbling across one. 

But Bret finally found one at Aloha Pools in Jackson, TN because another customer cancelled their order. So it wasn’t a situation of going in and picking a fiberglass pool model from a catalog. It was like “here are your two options. This is all we have.”

And they picked the Thursday Pools - Aspen model - a more modern style, rectangle pool versus a round pool.

Like Bret says, if it were a different time and the normal catalog of pools were available, they’d probably have picked a different pool, but the Aspen is a great pool for their family. 

So they had a pool and put a deposit down on April 18th. 

Why a Fiberglass Pool?

For Lindsey, there are a few benefits of a fiberglass pool that she prefers versus other types of pools:

  • A fiberglass pool doesn’t have a liner that rips, leaks, and then has to be replaced. 
  • Fiberglass is smooth on the feet versus a concrete pool that can cut your feet. 
  • Fiberglass can have both salt water systems and chlorine systems. 
  • Faster installation times because it’s already assembled. 

The Process of Installation: 

With the pool being fiberglass, the installation should have been quicker but the crew started weeks later than planned and then concrete installation delayed completion of the pool. 

The crew was supposed to begin digging on May 1st but they didn’t start until May 20th. And then the pool went in on May 29th. 

If you’ve never seen a fiberglass pool being installed, it’s pretty neat to watch. They use a crane to lift the pool off the truck and set into the giant hole. Here’s Lindsey’s timelapse of the process:

Once the pool was installed and filled with water, it was impossible to keep the girls out. So the whole family enjoyed the pool without concrete for weeks. It actually took nearly another month for the concrete to be installed (which wasn’t the original expectation). 

There were a whole list of reasons why it took forever—a lack of communication and then being told Memphis was out of concrete. And then finally, one day, they showed up and installed the concrete. 

So by the end of June there was concrete down and everything finished by July 1st. That’s about 10-11 weeks total. 

To put that into perspective, Bret said a neighbor had their fiberglass pool installed and finished in 10 days. It all depends on the pool contractor and the concrete work for how long the entire process takes. 

The Type of Pool:

  • Brand: Thursday Pools
  • Model: Aspen 
  • Length: 35 feet
  • Width: 14 feet 
  • Depth: 5.5 feet 

Again, the choice of pool may’ve been different had there been more options but Bret and Lindsey both agree the pool is amazing and it has totally transformed their backyard into a beautiful space for the whole family to enjoy.

Our Pool and Deck Furniture: 

Slide: Pool Warehouse - Adrenaline Slide

This is one of the largest residential slides available and Bret actually found it on Craigslist locally for about $2,000. Lindsey and Bret actually had the slide at the house for a few months before having the pool installed.

Umbrella & Base: Ikea - Seglaro 

Lindsey loves this umbrella because it tilts and moves so easily around the pool deck. They especially use it in the evening to block the sun as its setting.

Outdoor Table & Bench Set: West Elm

The family really loves how this table and bench set looks on the concrete deck and next to the beautiful blue of the pool. Ours is more of the rustic look with a weather finished. Lindsey is glad she could bring benches outside since we got rid of benches indoors at our dining room table. She really enjoys having this space to eat poolside, sit and do some family and business planning while the kids swim, and have even more space to entertain. 

Outdoor Sofa: West Elm

This outdoor sofa is a perfect match to the table and bench set from West Elm also. The cushions are waterproof and a great piece for the kids to relax on in between swimming or after a long day in the pool. 

Outdoor Lounger Reclining Chairs: West Elm

Another great addition to the other West Elm pieces and beautiful chairs for reclining by the pool. These chairs are functional and gorgeous on the concrete pool deck. 

Outdoor Lounge Chairs & Ottomans: Frontgate

The woven style of these chairs makes them nice for outdoors while also being stylish and comfortable. 

Pool Float & Toy Holder: Amazon

Of course the family has plenty of floats and toys, but with all of that fun comes the need to keep it contained and organized. This is a great, functional piece to keep everything stored and picked up around the pool, and it looks great too. 


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