Reasons Why Pacifiers Make Great Gifts for New Parents

Reasons Why Pacifiers Make Great Gifts for New Parents

Buying gifts for new parents is easy in theory, but when you hit the shops, finding the perfect item sometimes becomes a challenge. Parents usually get more clothing than their baby could ever wear, so it might be a good idea to opt for something else. And babies don’t typically start using toys until they’re a few months old. This is where the binky once again saves the day! Read about why pacifiers make great gifts for new parents as you shop for the perfect baby gift.

They Distract and Comfort Babies

Let’s face it, babies cry a lot for many reasons. And sometimes, when they’re uncomfortable, it seems like nothing works to calm them down, which can create stress for the parent. Pacifiers give babies something to suck on, which helps occupy their minds and distract them when they feel uncomfortable.

Many parents give their baby a paci because they can feel overwhelmed. Sucking on a binky is the perfect distraction, especially because babies have a sucking reflex at birth.

They Help With Sleep

Another reason pacifiers make great gifts for newborns is that they help with bedtime. Although the paci doesn’t make your baby fall asleep, sucking on it gives them comfort, which means they’ll feel calmer and, therefore, sleepier.

A Great Bonus

Sleeping with a pacifier can also help reduce the risk of SIDS if your baby sleeps on their back. Your baby may spit their binky out as they nap, which is perfectly normal; leave the paci out of their mouth if this happens.

They Help With Sensory Skills

Newborns learn about our world by putting things in their mouths. However, every object shouldn’t go into their mouth; some can be dangerous. Pacifiers, on the other hand, were invented for this purpose. Your baby can explore the world through their primary sense and develop their motor skills in the way they best know how to—putting their binky in their mouth.

Buy the Right Paci

Buying the right pacifier is important, and it can seem like your options are infinite! Some pacis come in fun shapes for the shield, and others have different nipple materials. Most experts recommend silicon binkies because silicone is hypoallergenic and sanitary. Likewise, some babies are a bit particular about the paci nipple they like most. For example, exclusively breastfed babies may prefer bulb pacis because they feel the most natural.

Only Buy the Best

Ryan & Rose sells silicon newborn pacifiers in various colors that double as teethers. Buy the best pacifier for the new parents in your life so they can keep their little cutie comfy and happy.

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