Ryan & Rose Journey to Target - From Prayer to Pitch to Products in Stores

The journey to bring Ryan & Rose products to Target has been many years in the making. Lindsey began to dream of this partnership in 2014, praying for Ryan & Rose products to be available in all Target stores one day. Through faith, prayer and LOTS of hard work, Lindsey and the team were able to make this dream a reality and you can now find several Ryan & Rose products on Target shelves nationwide. (And we pray there are even more to come!)

Target has given Ryan & Rose an even broader platform to reach families with safe and beautiful products for babies. The Ryan & Rose company verse/motto is Mark 9:23 “All things are possible for those who believe” and this was certainly a resounding truth when God showed up BIG time by providing this opportunity with Target. We can’t wait for you to read further and watch our YouTube video to see how it all came together. 

Next time you are wandering down the aisles of Target, venture to the baby department and take a look at the Ryan & Rose products available for purchase. It is so fun to see the brand that we all know and love in Target, waiting to be discovered by parents looking for quality baby products. While you are there, take a selfie and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #RyanandRoseinTarget.

2014 - Lindsey's Prayer

Lindsey's prayer written down


It’s always been Lindsey’s dream and prayer to be a household name and to be where our audience shops—Target. 

You’ve heard Lindsey say “I just knew God had big plans for us” and Target was one of those plans she believed and trusted to see come to fruition. 

At that time, Ryan & Rose was an infant business at only one year old. Lindsey only sold Cutie Clips. She says she was nowhere near ready to handle fulfilling orders for Target. But it’s amazing what size more years and countless prayers brought.


April 2019 - Target Reaches Out to R&R

After a conversation with Judy (manufacturer) in March 2019 about getting products into Target stores, Lindsey prayed intently about landing a deal with Target. She felt the Lord saying, “just ask.” 

This was two weeks prior to the unfolding of a big moment.

On April 4, 2019, Lindsey posted an Instagram story talking about her dream to get R&R products in Target stores. Little did Lindsey know, an Instagram follower (who is a Target buyer) was watching. 

One day later, that follower reached out to R&R about making the dream a reality. Make sure you watch the YouTube video around 6:00 to hear Jen tell the moment she received the email from the buyer—it’s a great story. 

Two days later, Lindsey went to Target to pray over the pacifier aisle. 

Five days later, Lindsey and the team have their first call with the Target representative.

May 2019 - The Pitch to Target

In just one month from that Instagram story, Lindsey and Bret were in Minneapolis to pitch Target on Cutie Products. And Lindsey wasn’t even nervous. What?!

Lindsey says she believes every moment leading up to that pitch prepared her, like being a teacher and being confident standing in front of people and sharing her story. Every little moment led to this big moment.

How did the pitch go? Well, it went fantastic, of course, because Cutie Products are now sold in stores and online.

August 2019 - The First Purchase Order 

Getting products in stores takes a bit longer than three months so everything went online first on August 13—Cutie PATs, Cutie Clips, and Cutie Tensils. 

The team got the first purchase order on August 13 and everything was shipped out to Target on August 21. And… all of this was before the warehouse. The team was shipping to Target out of Lindsey and Bret’s house. 

It was a huge learning curve too. Lindsey and Jen share in the video how they felt after the first call with their Target reps. Everything was over their heads and they didn’t know what anything meant. But Jen dug in, did a lot of Googling, and figured it all out.

September 2019 - Cutie Products Go Live on Target.com 

Last September was the first time Cutie Products were officially sold by Target. Cutie PATs, Clips, and Tensils went live on Target.com and people could buy R&R from Target for the first time. 

The team also received Target in-store vendor expectations and began looking toward the end of 2019 to get everything ready for the January 2020 in-store launch. 

November 2019 - R&R Receives the In-Store Purchase Order 

If you don’t know or haven’t followed R&R for long, the purchase order means everything from Target. It dictates how much product needs to be packaged and sent to Target for fulfillment. So on November 15th the team received the first in-store PO and began ramping up quality control and packaging at the Evergreen HQ. It was an all-hands-on-deck sort of moment. 

The due date for everything to ship to Target was December 16. 

December 2019 - Cutie Products on the Way to Target’s Warehouses 

The team pushed, packaged, and shipped. The boxes were loaded and truck rolled away. Cutie Products were officially on their way to be distributed to stores nationwide and then on display for all to see and purchase within stores. 

It was a monumental day to say the least. To see the truck take all of those products to Target, six years after Lindsey prayed for it. The dream and all of the prayers answered. It happened. God moved in a big way. A HUGE way.

January 19, 2020 - R&R Launches in Target Stores 

While R&R products were found in many Target stores by the 19th, this was the official launch day. Products sold out within one week in many stores and the Target team was blown away at the launch. There’s never been a second purchase order before an official launch day ever in Target’s history (that we're aware of).  

What's Next??

Well, Lindsey had another pitch with Target back in March. However, this time it was over video due to Covid19. But that didn't stop her from having a successful call (she's very excited to share more).

There are secrets. We can't share anything yet, but as soon as we can we will let you all know what's happening. 

Make sure you're following us on Instagram @ryanandrose to get the latest updates and news from Lindsey and the team. You'll hear any updates with Target through Instagram, so stay tuned to our Instagram stories daily. 

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