Pacifier (Cutie) Clip Safety, Information and More!

The Cutie Clip is where it all began for Ryan & Rose. When Lindsey had her first daughter, Ryan Rose, she searched the market high and low for a shorter pacifier clip. She wanted something that wouldn’t drag the floor as Ryan learned to crawl, but also a pacifier clip that was attractive, durable, safe, and functional. Lindsey quickly learned that this product simply didn’t exist. She then surrendered to the Lord’s calling to design her own, and the rest is history.

The original Cutie Clips were made from various beautiful trims and fabrics, but have evolved a great deal over time. Currently we offer beaded and non-beaded clips. Most of our beaded clips are made locally in Memphis, and all clips are made in the USA and Canada. Cutie Clips are typically paired with nylon cord, and they all have a stainless steel clip for attaching. We also offer macrame and leather style clips, providing a little something for everyone!

As mentioned above, one of the many things that sets our clips apart from others is the length of our pacifier clips. Cutie Clips come in two different lengths: the Mini and the Maxi. However, even our Maxi version is shorter than most of the pacifier clips on the market, making them safer and more functional. If you aren’t sure which length to choose, we have found that the Mini is a great option for smaller babies, or babies learning to crawl; the Maxi clip is a touch longer for those that need a little more length, or for attaching to items like teethers and sippy cups.

At Ryan & Rose, safety is always our number one priority, and it has been that way since the very first Cutie Clip hit the market. Every style pacifier clip is sent off for testing to ensure that it meets and exceeds all CPSC requirements. All Cutie Clips and their materials are FDA approved, non-toxic, and are free of lead, latex, phthalates, and BPA. We always recommend checking your Cutie Clips before each use, and replacing them every few months with continued use. 

Lindsey named our pacifier clip the “Cutie Clip” because it isn’t limited to just pacifiers, which is also why we say “If you don’t want to lose it, Cutie Clip it!” This goes for pacifiers, sippy cups, and toys alike. At Ryan & Rose, we believe all babies are different, but we also know that all parents are different, which is why we thrive on offering a multitude of colors, styles, and designs.

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