Spreading Happiness, One Cutie Bracelet At A Time

This season is so different and hard. Who would've expected to be isolated at home indefinitely? 

Social distancing is important, but it's also really tough not seeing our loved ones and friends. 

So we wanted to do something to bridge the gap and spread some happiness during this strange and hard time... 

And that is to spread cheer and smiles with our Cutie Bracelets and sweet notes you can tuck right into the packaging. It's a time to remind each other of how much we miss being together (kids with kids, co-workers with co-workers, and generations of family gathered together). 

You guys, the Cutie Community, came up with a way to bring us together during all of this. We took your beautiful notes and lines, and put them on printable sheets you can download, print, cut out, and send with bracelets to anyone you know and love. 

Watch as Lindsey explains this beautiful way to reach out and remind people of how much you miss and love them: 


Download the Printables here: 

>Download: This Bracelet Will Stay Until We Get To Play

>Download: Be Aware, Wash With Care Now Enjoy This Bracelet To Share

>Download: To Hug Your Wrist Until I Can Hold Your Hand

>Download: A Gift To My Friend I Really Miss, This Pretty Bracelet For Your Wrist

>Download: We're Better Together But While We Are Apart Wear This And Remember You're Always In My Heart


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kids bracelets craft

Cutie Bracelets:

Inspired by Ryan Rose, the Cutie Bracelets were designed to help kids sprinkle a little kindness wherever they go in hopes that they would reach out to those they wouldn’t normally reach out to.

We started with kids sizes (XS: 6.5") and expanded our line to include medium and large sizes (M: 7.75"; L: 8.5"). Not only can your kids share these with friends, these can also be shared with adults as well. 

Not sure which size to get? Watch our quick video to see how to measure your wrist: 

Spread the Happiness:

Okay, now it's time to go spread the happiness! Grab individual colors or get a pack of all colors for your kids to share. Find creative ways to share the Cutie Bracelets while keeping your distance, of course. 

Let us know how you're spreading happiness by tagging us on Instagram (@ryanandrose) and join the Cutie Community if you haven't already. Now is a perfect time to connect online with others while we can't connect in person. 

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