Summer Must Haves

Ryan & Rose can often be viewed as a “baby company,” but that is quite the contrary. Over the years, we have evolved into an all-encompassing family brand, which means we have something for everyone at every age! With it being officially summertime, we thought this would be a great opportunity to share our favorite R&R products for your summer needs!

At Ryan & Rose, we know summer can get hectic with little ones, and that’s why our Cutie Clinks rank at the top of our must-have list. What makes our Clinks so special is how versatile they are. When you are taking your babies to the zoo, museums, theme parks and more, you can easily attach the Cutie Clinks to any stroller or baby carrier, or directly to their clothes. It provides comfort for teething babies, but it also provides entertainment for them! The Cutie Teether is another great product for your babies, since it is also featured as a rattle as well. They can be easily attached to your strollers using our Cutie Clasps, which is also ideal for attaching a multitude of items so they can’t be thrown on the ground or lost in transit. 

Summertime always brings a lot of fun for your older kids as they start participating in camps and sports; however, if they’re anything like our kids, they can also complain that it brings boredom, too! We love the idea of journaling every day, and the Cutie Journal is a great tool for your kids to use. They can list their daily activities, travel experiences, prayers, and blessings. It’s a great opportunity for them to focus on all the positives of summertime! Another option for fighting their “boredom” is our Cutie Pop Loops and Squares. Let’s be honest, adults love these, too! The Pop Loop can be worn around your wrist, which allows you to fidget with the popper as you wear it. The square is a fun option because it’s double sided and filled with air! Another kid favorite is the Cutie Bracelet. They love showing off the different colors that we offer, and gifting them to friends and strangers along the way. Our Jesus edition bracelets are the perfect way for your child to share the story of Jesus at VBS, summer camp, and more. 

With all the busyness that summer brings, you need all the help you can get to keep everything organized, accessible, and functional. Our Aloha collection is a perfect addition for daily trips to museums, parks, as well as family vacations. We offer four different sizes: the mini, small, medium, and tote. The three smaller options are great for carrying small toys, toiletries, medicine, sunscreen, snacks, and more. The tote is the perfect carry-on/overnight tote or beach bag. Last, but most certainly not least, is the Cutie Holder. This is no doubt one of the most popular products at Ryan & Rose. Holders are great for storing phones, bottled water, keys, and more. You can attach holders to strollers, sports chairs, beach chairs, and Bogg bags, to only name a few. They’re great to send with your kids to camp to hold toiletries, or hang on bunk beds and doors for personal items. You can also attach them to the back of your vehicle's headrests for those long road trips. The options for the Cutie Holder are endless! 

As much as we look forward to summer vacations and a break from real life, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. We hope that you find that these products provide enjoyment, functionality, and ease to your busy schedule this summer!

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