The Importance of Buying Non-Toxic Baby Teethers

The Importance of Buying Non-Toxic Baby Teethers

It’s no secret that babies love to chew on just about everything they can get their little hands on. As parents, we know that some objects are dangerous for infants to chew on, including specific teethers. Below, we explain the importance of buying non-toxic baby teethers.  

Toxic Teethers Have Chemicals

Non-toxic teethers have this distinction for a reason: they don’t include the same chemicals that many older teethers do. Here are some of the harmful chemicals found in some teethers:

  • Phthalates
  • BPA
  • Cadmium
  • Paint or stain; containing lead

This is one reason evaluating the material of the teether is vital. For example, wooden teethers are popular, but if the wood is stained or has a varnish, then it may have chemicals dangerous to your little cutie. Avoid buying any teether that doesn’t have a non-toxic label on it. Safer wood options feature a beeswax coating which is safe for babies!

Evaluate Before Buying

It’s important to note that non-toxic teethers can still pose a threat if they have small pieces. Likewise, latex rubber is a popular material, but this allergy is popular and can be quite dangerous.

It Goes in Your Baby’s Mouth

The next reason to buy non-toxic baby teethers directly relates to the chemicals found in those toxic ones. You should do a bit of research on your options, just like you did before buying a pacifier. Why? Because, like pacifiers, teethers will go into your child’s mouth. Babies explore the shape and feel of objects by putting them into their mouths, so you need to ensure that those items are safe. Make sure to check the product description to verify that the teether’s non-toxic.

Keep Them Clean

You’ll need to keep their teethers sanitized. Most parents and baby experts advise washing the teether after each use so you can remove any germs that may otherwise make your baby sick.      

Only Buy the Best Teethers

When it comes to non-toxic teethers, food-grade silicone is a great option. This material doesn’t include those dangerous chemicals; it’s also hypoallergenic and antibacterial! Ryan and Rose sell various non-toxic baby teethers in all sorts of fun colors. You can also buy a two-in-one teether that doubles as a pacifier so your precious baby always has the soothing tool they need.

Although teethers are not toys, you should look into your options as much as you would when toy shopping. Inspecting the material and quality of a teether can help you determine if it’s the best option for your baby. Keep your baby chewing safely with a silicone teether!

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