The Ryan & Rose Headquarters Makeover

The "Cutie Quarters" is incredible. It's been a huge undertaking, but it's all worth it. We wish each one of you could visit and see just how beautiful Lindsey and the team have made the new space. Lindsey is often asked for product information in relation to the decor and furnishings of HQ, so we wanted to post a blog containing all of the links and details.

[Also if you want to see the space and hear from Lindsey, then make sure to watch this YouTube video] 


Luckily we have an IKEA here in Memphis because Bret and Lindsey frequented the store during the entire renovation and makeover. You'll see that most of the storage and shelving is from IKEA. Make sure you check it out through the links if you need storage ideas for your own business or home. 


Interior Paints:

If you don't already, go follow Ryan & Rose on instagram for many peeks at paint colors, the beautiful floors and all the gorgeous details at HQ. It's so difficult to decide on paint from a small sample, but seeing things on such a large surface will give you a great idea of what it may look like for your project!

Here are the paints we used for the walls and doors:

Lindsey's Office Furnishings: 

I think we all want to just move into this room. Lindsey's office furnishings are so, so pretty! This office is feminine and screams GIRL BOSS! If you work from home or just need some beautiful touches to your home, check out Lindsey's picks for her own office:


Clean, crisp and so classy - the Cutie Kitchen is the perfect place for the team to gather and connect during the day. Lindsey added the same beautiful blush sofa that is in her office, but this time it's a sectional. 



Lindsey and Bret worked hard to decide what flooring would be best for a high traffic area and I think they found the PERFECT one! The wood floors that are found throughout headquarters are beautiful. They open the space up and are a great fit for the "Cutie" brand. 


Shelving & Storage:  

As Lindsey says, the bins on bins on bins are just beautiful. Adding more bins and shelves allows every Cutie product to be organized and easily accessible for the team. It makes pulling and shipping that much easier. It really is neat to see all of the bins lined up and how beautifully organized the products are!

Tables & Chairs:

The team spends most of their time at a table, whether they're standing or sitting, everything is organized and shipped from tables. Of course, white tables were the pick for the whole warehouse. And they are used everywhere, from shipping to the Target room to the quality check room. We also invested in nice chairs for our team because it makes all the difference if they're sitting for long periods of time. 


And that's Cutie HQ!

Remember to follow us on Instagram @ryanandrose to see more behind the scenes of the warehouse and watch our YouTube videos to see what the team is up to, new products launching, and to hear from Lindsey and the fam. 


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