The Ultimate Baby Registry: Lindsey’s Top Picks

Sitting down to start a baby registry can be so overwhelming. There are so many items you need and so many options for each and every item. I have always found that it is great to register for and use things that have been tried and tested by mama’s I know and trust. 

To make things simple, Lindsey has given us her top picks for your baby registry! If you have followed along the Ryan & Rose journey for long, then you know that Lindsey only recommends items she has used and trusts. 

This list will also be so helpful if you are shopping for a friend or family member. Follow the links to ensure you get the best of the best for the newest little love in your life. 

Diaper Bag:

I was gifted this bag for our baby boy that is coming in May and I can tell you, it’s amazing and so beautiful! There is a reason Lindsey has picked this bag above all the others. The Freshly Picked classic diaper bag comes in great colors, it is easy to carry and it doesn’t even look like a diaper bag (WIN!). I have been able to pack for two babies and myself with plenty of room to spare.

    Out & About:

    Parent life requires ALLLLL the things for taking little ones around town. Carriers, carseats, covers and cup holders - there are so many to choose from! Lindsey has found so many wonderful products that rise above the others. Personally, I have found that these larger items are also the ones that are most worth a splurge.

    For stroller recommendations, if you plan to only have one small child at a time, Lindsey says to go for the UPPAbaby Cruz and snag a skateboard for the back which allows for older children to ride along while standing. If you have two smaller children, she recommends the UPPAbaby Vista because it will allow for two seats to be attached to the frame. The Cutie Holder is a wonderful accessory for any stroller or wagon. 


    As the parent of a newborn, you will immediately be on the hunt for whatever makes sleeping possible. There are many play yards and loungers, but the ease and simplicity of the products we have listed are unmatched. The recommended sleep sack and quilt are also wonderful items that will keep your baby cozy and encourage restful sleep. 


    Bottle feeding or breast feeding, baby led weaning or starting purees - all babies have to eat! We have curated the best tools for helping your little one navigate the world of milk, all the way to utensils and bibs.

    Although neither Lindsey nor I have experience with a wireless pump, the Cutie Community on Facebook favors the Elvie breast pump for a hands-free and wearable option. The rest of the products listed get Lindsey's stamp of approval and recommendation for use with your little ones. Be on the lookout SOON for a collaboration with BapronBaby for a Ryan & Rose exclusive Bapron!


    We love pacifiers, yes we do! If you need a great gift, look no further. The Cutie PAT is a pacifier and teether all in one. This multifunctional pacifier is made with 100% medical grade silicone. It is safe, non-toxic, and free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and latex. This product will soothe your infant/baby and provide relief when your child begins teething.

    The Cutie PAT stage 1 is recommended for babies without teeth and the Cutie PAT stage 2 has a thicker nipple for babies with teeth. The Cutie PAT flat can be used for babies with or without teeth. The Cutie PAT kit comes with all three nipple styles and makes for the perfect "starter" pack - figure out which style your baby prefers and go from there! 


    Buying clothes for new babies is so fun! These are Lindsey's very favorite items for clothing your babies. We also included swaddles on the "clothing" list - Lou Lou & Company has the most beautiful, silky soft collection to choose from. 


    A trusted favorite, Lindsey recommends pampers and pampers pure wipes. Pampers are a very reasonable price, they hold in leaks and are the top pick for baby's booty. 

    Play & Learn: 

     As your baby grows, they will enjoy learning about the world around them. This can be achieved through activity centers or sitting alone with easy-to-hold toys such as the Ryan & Rose Cutie teether rattle. Bouncers and seats make it easy for your child to see you and interact with you!

    Health & Safety:

    Keeping an eye on your little one while they sleep is so important. The Lollipop Baby Monitor makes it so simple with a WIFI compatible camera that can be easily mounted, attached to a crib railing or moved from room to room. 

    The Safety 1st nail clippers will help you safely take care of those tiny little claws that always seem to find their way straight to the face. The Nose Frida is an excellent and innovative tool for parents to help baby with nasal congestion. Check both of these item out for great gift additions! 


    Finishing the day with a bath is the perfect routine to get baby ready for bed. Johnson's bedtime baby bath and lotion has that wonderful lavender scent to  calm and soothe them right to sleep. Whether you plan to bath baby in the sink or the tub, a bath support will make the job much easier - check out the ones listed below. 

    Bonus—Nursery accessory: 

    Small clothes and accessories need a special and serparate space in your child's dresser. These Ikea drawer organizers are a great price and can transition from infancy to childhood. 

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