Tips for Choosing the Right Teether for Your Baby

Tips for Choosing the Right Teether for Your Baby

Babies need a lot of gear, and buying everything can feel overwhelming to a first-time parent. Many of us parents stock up on pacifiers, clothing, toys, and of course, diapers! Your little one will also need a few teethers in that collection. Easily find the perfect one with our tips for choosing the right teether for your baby.

Evaluate Materials

Teethers come in various materials, and each comes at a different price and offers varying benefits for your little one. Wooden and silicone teethers are among the most popular for soothing those swollen gums.

Wooden Teethers

Many parents like natural wooden teethers because they’re non-toxic, durable, and naturally have antibacterial properties. The hygiene factor is important since your infant will put this item in their mouth, and a build-up of bacteria or germs could lead to illness.

Silicone Teethers

Silicone teethers are great because they’re soft and gentle on your cutie’s gums. Plus, this material is easy to sterilize. Another advantage of silicone teethers is that you can freeze them, which adds a bit of extra comfort to your little one’s sore gums.

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Buy Something Durable

Our next tip for choosing the right teether for your baby is to search for a quality, durable item. Strive to buy teethers that are strong enough to withstand hours of chewing and sucking. If you buy a wood teether, check to ensure it’s not prone to splintering. When purchasing silicone teethers, try to buy one that’s easy to grasp and not prone to breaking after extended use.

Evaluate the Grip

While some teethers come in adorable shapes, these aren’t always easy for your little one to grab. Remember, teethers are essential items that serve a purpose for your infant. If the teether is easy to grab and hold onto, your child is more likely to rely on it when they need to alleviate those tender gums.

Teethers Aren’t Toys

Although we sometimes refer to teethers as “teething toys,” these items aren’t toys—they’re baby essentials. Treat teethers the same way you view your little one’s paci. Inspect it before use and sanitize it every time.

Similarly, you should monitor your baby when they use the teether to ensure a piece doesn’t break off as they bite it since this could become a choking hazard. Giving your baby the best teether helps them feel happy as they relieve the discomfort of sore gums as their first teeth grow.

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