Valentine’s Day Free Printables

Valentine’s Day is going to be here before you know it! We’ve got you covered with free printables and the cutest gifts; everything you need to be prepared for your little one's classroom Valentine’s Day party! 

The free printables pair perfectly with Jesus Bracelets, Cutie Pops, Cutie Charms, Cutie Bracelets, and more! 

Jesus Bracelets + Cutie Bracelets

We are so excited to be able to share Jesus with others! Jesus Bracelets make it that much easier too! We are currently offering a 25 pack Classroom Set of Jesus bracelets for only $25 to pair perfectly with the free printables! 5 packs are also available in a variety of different colorways. 

Option A | Option B

In addition of Jesus Bracelets, we also offer a 25 pack Classroom Set in Cutie Bracelets! Cutie Bracelets are also offered 5 packs and a 25 pack of all Red. 

Option C | Option D

Jesus Bracelets and Cutie Bracelets can be attached to the “hand” printables in the most creative way! All you need is scissors and tape. Print your favorite printable, cut around the edge, notch 2 slits {on both sides of the wrist drawing}, and slide the Cutie Bracelet onto the card. On the backside, tape in place. 


Cutie Charms

Cutie Charms have been such a big hit and come in a variety of styles. From the Magical collection to the Valentine’s Day collection,  there truly is something for everyone! A great way to share these with friends is to print the printable on car stock, hole punch in the corner and attach the Cutie Charm through the hole! 

Option E | Option F

Cutie Pops 

Cutie Pops are a kid favorite and make such a fun Valentine’s gift! Available in two options; square and mini + loop. Printables for Cutie Pops can be printed and attached to the packaging with a string or piece of tulle! For this project you’ll need scissors, a hole punch, and something to tie the printable to the Cutie Pop. Cut the printable around the edge and punch a hole near the top/center of the card. Using a piece of tulle, or twine, tie a bow to secure it in place!

The free printables aren’t just limited to the products listed above! Any of these printables could be used for various Cutie Products; Cutie Straps, Cutie Loops, Cutie Lanyards, and more!

Option G

We hope you have fun creating the perfect Cutie Valentine’s Day gifts with your child! Share below which printable is your favorite! 

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