Valentine's Day Printables (Easy Craft & Gift)

Putting together cute Valentine’s Day cards for your kids doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult!

We created these free Valentine’s Day printables to make it effortless to put together the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids’ class.

All you have to do is follow the 5 steps below and voila! You’re set to send your little one off with the cutest cards in the class.

Watch the video to learn more about how to use these printables and how Lindsey crafted several options to inspire you: 



Step 1) Grab a few things from around your house: paper, pen, scissors, hole punch, tulle or ribbon, and of course your Cutie Products! 


valentines day printable craft

valentines day printable craft materials


Step 2) Download our cute printable Valentine's Day cards and print out on paper or card stock: 

-Download the "brace yourself" printable 

-Download the "tag! you're awesome!" printable

-Download the "Mint to be" printable 

-Download the "friends band together" printable 


valentines day printables easy


Step 3) Cut out your cards and write names of them. 

Step 4) Punch holes in your cards and affix to your cutie product of choice using tulle, ribbon, or even string (whatever you have works!) 

You can also slip a card into a package behind the product if you don't have a hole punch and/or don't want to tie bows. It's a quick alternative! 


valentines day printable craft ideas

valentines day printable craft

Step 5) Give out the cutie products on Valentine's Day and have fun!! -->> Tag us on Instagram to show us your Cutie Valentines - @ryanandrose 


Cutie Bands are a great gift to give. These elastic hair ties look cute in your hair and on your wrist. 

Cutie Bracelets come in a pack of 2 and are perfect for sharing. Keep one, give, one, and spread a little happiness one Cutie Bracelet at a time.  

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