What Is the Best Pacifier Shape for Newborns?

What Is the Best Pacifier Shape for Newborns?

Pacifiers come in various shapes, and for a first-time parent, knowing what’s best for your newborn can feel overwhelming. Every parent wants the top option for their precious child. Plus, many of us use pacis because they do a great job of soothing babies. Make deciding on the number one option simple with the information in this guide on the best pacifier for newborns.

Best Option for Breastfed Babies

If you only breastfeed your baby, they’re not used to the shape or feel of an artificial nipple, so giving them the wrong paci shape can confuse them. Most seasoned parents and baby experts recommend bulb-shaped (cherry-shaped) pacifiers for these newborns. This is because bulb pacis are similar to the natural nipple your little cutie knows. A round paci may also work for your newborn, but every baby is different!

Best Option for Bottle-Fed Babies

Bottle-fed babies are more used to artificial nipple shapes. There are various reasons why parents may have to rely on this or pair it with breastfeeding; there is no wrong way to nourish your baby. As you introduce the pacifier to your cutie, you might want to try a round pacifier first. This shape is similar to a standard bottle’s nipple, so your baby already knows how the shape feels in their mouth.

Listen to Your Baby

Understanding your baby is the most important part of knowing the best pacifier for a newborn. No matter how many articles or parenting guides you read, nothing will give you the perfect paci for your baby because every newborn is different.

While round and bulb-shaped pacifiers are the most popular amongst this age group, that doesn’t mean every baby agrees it’s the best binky. Start with these shapes, but if your baby doesn’t seem to like them, try out other pacifier shapes, like flat or slant.

Inspect Material

You should also look at the material as you shop for the ideal pacifier shape. Most pacis are either rubber or silicone. If you have yet to introduce your little cutie to an artificial nipple, it would be best to stick to silicone since it’s hypoallergenic.

Shop for Quality

Whether you breastfeed, bottle feed, or do both for your little cutie, you need to shop for a paci specifically designed for newborns. Companies like Ryan & Rose design non-toxic pacifiers specifically for newborns and babies without teeth so they can get the relief needed.

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