Why Your Baby Can Benefit From Using Teethers

Why Your Baby Can Benefit From Using Teethers

Teething is a major milestone for your little one, and while it’s exciting and calls for countless adorable photos once that first tooth grows in, it also means some discomfort. There are various reasons why your baby can benefit from using teethers besides relieving those sore gums. Read on to find out why a teether is a must-have for every infant!

It’s Great on Sore Gums

Nearly every parent stockpiles teethers so they’re ready to go once their little one goes through this stage of development. This is because teethers give them something to bite down on, which feels pleasant on those sensitive gums. Being a parent is a busy job, and you may not always have time to massage your baby’s gums, but teethers give them a similar relief.

Parenting Tip

You can give your baby additional relief by placing the teether in the freezer. Before doing this, verify that the baby teether can go into the freezer. Ryan & Rose offers various cutie teethers designed to give your baby relief; they can go into the freezer for some cool comfort.

It’s Entertaining

Another reason why your baby can benefit from using a teether is the sheer entertainment. Babies experience the world by placing items in their mouths; unlike toys, a teether can safely go into your little one’s mouth. By giving them teethers, you allow them to continue exploring the wonderful world they live in!

It Helps Them Develop Their Bodies

Small motor skills are essential to life, and holding a teether helps infants learn how to hold on to different objects. Similarly, chewing on the edges of the teether is great for a baby’s jaw and introduces them to the motions they’ll rely on to eat. Aim to buy teethers in various shapes and textures to introduce your baby to a wider variety of items and relief.

Some Tips About Teethers

Safety should always be a top priority for your baby, so avoid products that include liquid or other choking hazards. Additionally, some teethers can vibrate, but it’s best to avoid these because the battery cap could become a danger if it comes off.

You should never leave your baby unsupervised when they have the teether. As you clean your infant’s teether, inspect it for cracks or other signs of damage. If you notice it’s broken, it’s time to throw the teether away and replace it with a new one.

Shop for Quality Teethers

Ryan & Rose has various types of teethers, pacifiers, and more for sale that are perfect for your baby. Best of all, these must-haves are silicone, so you can easily sanitize them by placing them on the top rack of the dishwasher. The best teethers give your baby relief and entertainment so the two of you can have an easier time enjoying this exciting milestone!

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