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World Prematurity Day: A Spotlight on the R&R Preemie Pacifiers

November 17, 2021 / Jennifer Bothel

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Today is a day we celebrate the smallest fighters around the globe. November 17th marks Word Prematurity Day. According to the March of Dimes, “Hundreds of thousands of babies will be born preterm this year in the U.S.” Doctors and nurses within the NICU dedicate so much time and energy to providing lifesaving procedures and services for these small babies. 

Ryan & Rose developed the Cutie Preemie Kit after an outpouring of requests came in for such a product from the Preemie community for a preemie pacifier. Along with the help of professionals in the field, Lindsey designed the Cutie Preemie Kit! The Cutie Preemie Kit includes 2 different preemie pacifier options. The Preemie Tiny is a preemie pacifier for babies up to 35 weeks. The Preemie Standard is a preemie pacifier for after 35 weeks; as a means to transition to a standard Stage 1 Cutie PAT {Round} nipple.  

With the assistance of Callie, a NICU nurse and good friend, Lindsey was able to make the Cutie Preemie Kit like nothing else on the market. Callie was able to provide Ryan & Rose with guidance and insight from the world of premature babies. 

The Cutie Preemie Kit has been specially designed for the needs of premature babies. With a notched shield, these preemie pacifiers allow room for breathing, CPAP, ET, and feeding tubes to also be used without interference. The slim shield is lightweight and the small beaded handle allows for those little ones to have something to hold onto; for comfort.  

Preemies need different pacifiers at different stages of development. At 35 weeks of age, we recommend switching from the Tiny nipple to the Standard nipple. The shield on both of these preemie pacifiers remains the same, but the nipple increases to Standard size. If a preemie is showing bottle-feeding cues before 35 weeks, we suggest moving up to the Cutie Preemie Stage 1 early. This progression should help the transition to the Cutie PAT Round, Stage 1, at 40 weeks. 

We understand that life with a newborn can have obstacles, and life with a premature baby can bring added challenges. Today is a day we celebrate these small miracle babies. Along with the March of Dimes, we’d like to raise awareness of the unique needs and lifesaving programs these babies need. Since the release of the Cutie Preemie Kit in June, Ryan & Rose has donated Cutie Preemie Kits to many NICU’s in the US. Nominate in the comments below a NICU you’d like Ryan & Rose to donate Cutie Preemie Kits to next! 

*Because all babies are different, we recommend consulting with your baby’s health care professions and follow their guidelines for care and product use.

**Resources for this post include: March of Dimes


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    They are loving on and helping us grow our 26 weeker and the doctors and nurses love to see him with his Preemie Pat. I would love to see them receive this donation and spread the love of R&R and the feel the love from the hearts that make up the nest company ever!

    posted by Liz on November, 18 2021
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