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You've been Jingled | Free Christmas Printable

November 11, 2022 / Danielle Popoff

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This Christmas season, we wanted to create a way to spread joy to others around us. Giving to others, small or big, can be so impactful in creating a lasting feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for one another! 

We created a printable that makes spreading Christmas cheer easy! All you need is a Ryan & Rose Cutie Holder, a few of your favorite goodies (treats, Cutie Bands, Cutie Loops, etc.), and the free printable below.

You've been jingled

Download Free Printable Here


1: Fill the Cutie Holder with your goodies
2: Print out the printable and cut out
3: Attach by either putting the printable in the Cutie Holder with your goodies or hole punch and attach with yarn or tulle.
4: Anonymously gift to someone near and dear to you! 

Examples of what you can fill your Cutie Holder with:

However you choose to celebrate Christmas, we hope you consider adding this way of giving to your traditions! 

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  • I love this idea. Starting a mental list in my head of who to Jingle!

    posted by Kevina on November, 11 2022